PaperPie Day

Not only is it Pi Day for 3.14 but here at PaperPie, it’s PaperPie Day. And our amazing home office came out with 2 amazing specials I don’t want anyone to miss out on!

First – and omg amazing is the ability to activate your own PaperPie account for $3.14 TODAY ONLY! I have never ever seen this before and I’m not sure we will again. Message me if you have questions, but this is too good to be true. At a minimum, you get $20 in product credit to go along with it! What a DEAL!

If you have questions, shoot me a message here!
And to activate your own kit today, head here for this limited deal!


-For less than a cup of coffee, you get access to amazing products

-$20 product credit

-Access to exclusive mini books

-Ability to earn free products, swag and so much more!

The next awesome deal is shipping $3.14 on ALL orders $60+! You can shop here! And while you’re at it, don’t forget that there are Easter bundles available now! You can get majorly discounted shipping while filling up those Easter baskets. Check out those bundles here!

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Easter Basket Book Bundles

Make Easter easy this year with an Easter Basket Bundle from PaperPie!

Grab some adorable books, perfect for all ages!

Check out this bundle for all ages!

For 5+ our “Not So Tiny” bundle full of 3 amazing products from our Tiny line from SmartLab Toys, Tiny Ice Cream, Tiny Art and Tiny Baking!

And for our older crowd, 8+ three amazing options. One full of art and creativity, on full of STEM fun, and the other full of fun facts! Which would a child in your life love most?

To see more details, and to secure your very own Easter Basket Bundle, shop here!

On the off chance you see a bundle that doesn’t fit your needs, send me a message and I can help make the perfect package for your family!

For more fun, free activities, mom-humor, and more, head over to our online community!

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Black Friday (& More) Shopping Specials with Usborne Books & More

It’s the holiday season (are you singing that in your head too?) and so many amazing deals and steals from Usborne Books & More!

Make sure you are in my Facebook Community to find the BEST deals, offered by me, as an independent consultant. Here I’ll highlight the amazing deals offered by Usborne Books & More!

First, Stock It To Me! Fill up those stockings with 25 amazing titles at 25% off!

Next, our amazing Advent Calendar is now 50% off!!!! Grab 24 amazing mini-sized books for ONLY $25!

Last, but certainly not least – 100s of titles will be $10 only (regularly priced up to $19.99!)

Amazing books for everyone on your list! Need some help picking out the perfect gift? Message me so I can assist!

Here is the link to browse our entire virtual store!

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Favorite Fall Books from Usborne Books & More

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Between the weather, the sweaters, apple treats, it’s become my favorite season! My kids are also ready for a book refresh this time of year as we’ve used up all our stickers books and boredom busters all summer. We’re ready for something new! Love fall too, grab this FREE fall-themed bucket list!

Here are my favorite books for Fall:

A Tale of Two Beasts

A Tale of Two Beasts is an adorable book all about perspective, set in the wood during fall. This picture book shows a little girl rescuing a little beast and bringing him home, but the beast wants to live. Then it switches and shows the account from the eyes of the squirrel. 

Secrets of the Vegetable Garden

This title, from our Shine-A-Light series, is a fantastic non-fiction book that takes you through a vegetable garden. What makes it so fantastic? Flashlights of course! What kid doesn’t love a flashlight? Shine your flashlight from the page behind the one you are reading to see a secret hidden image!

I also love Secrets of the Apple Tree for all those #teamapple people out there!

Cut & Color Playbook Seasons

Make layered dioramas out of paper with this artbook. Draw, coloring, scissor work are all combined to make amazing seasonal scenes! Here is a quick YouTube video on it!

Woodland Magic Painting Book

From our Magic Painting series, those beautiful book is packed with woodland scenes and creatures! It’s relatively mess-free, and provides an artistic outlet without a big mess!

Pop-Up Seasons

This gorgeous pop-up book covers all four seasons with 5 beautiful spreads. From colorful autumn leaves to wintery white branches and more, this is book shows a visual representation to show children the beauty of all for seasons. 

What’s your favorite fall tradition? Come share it with me over in The Magical Library Where you’ll find more fabulous titles, a customized wishlist for your family, mom hacks, a free printable and more! 

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5 Fun Activities for Your Superhero!

My kids are ALL into superheroes right now. I have on that alternates between Superman and Spiderman pajamas and if both are unavailable…watch out! We’re chugging along in the school year and most weeks have some sort of unit or theme idea, but I’m all for doing what they are interested in learning about!

Here are some fun ways we’ve found to incorporate superheroes!

Superhero arts and crafts

We did this one around Father’s Day and it was a hit. They asked to do it again so we made some cards to send over to our friends! Check out the original craft article I found here! Check out some other fun preschool superhero crafts!

These cards are also fantastic for early writing!  Your child can practice writing his name, or writing a simple message to whoever the card is going to!

Ten frame Superhero counting

Grab this ten frame printable here. You can either print multiple, laminate it or put it in a plastic sleeve and use dry-erase markers so you can reuse it. Put a number in the box under the mistake and have your preschooler fill-up the frame with the correct number. Check out this quick video of me using this with one of my boys!

Additionally, you can have your child work backward, by putting an assortment of markers on the ten frame. Have them count, and write the correct number in the box below the mask. You can use any small object for the ten frames. We used some manipulatives we found on Amazon. 

Superhero Baby

Lately, the kids have been begging for me to read Superhero Baby multiple times a day! This book is way too cute and so much fun! If your kiddos love superheroes as much as mine, check out these fantastic books

Superhero capes 

This was a fun one and involves minimal prep. I quickly drew (and I am a terrible artist) a cape on a piece of paper and told them to decorate their own cape. You could give them markers, stickers, daubers, whatever you want.

Want to spice it up? This takes a bit more prep but you can draw shapes on the cape. And either have some shapes pre-cut out for them, have them cut out, find items around the house, etc and have them match the item to the cape shape!

Superhero X-Ray vision:

Grab some lunch bags, lunch box or anything closed and not see-through. Fill it with some of your kids’ favorite foods, apples, bananas, fruit snacks, etc. Then have them use their X-Ray vision to guess what’s inside of it!

For a bonus activity visit me on Facebook!

I hope you and your little superheroes have a blast with these fun superhero activities! Head over to my Facebook group and let us know which one was your favorite, and share your art!

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