Nice attempt at domesticity today!

I’m actually quite proud of myself today.

I ended up not having to go into work (my part-time retail job that is) so I thought…what could I do to amuse myself?

So I looked up a few recipes to go along with the Jennie-O Turkey my husband and I decided to try at the store.

I cooked up turkey meatballs which included garbanzo beans, parsley, egg substitute and pepper. I paired the meatballs with whole wheat organic pasta, tomato sauce, tomatoes and garlic.

It actually turned out really well. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food and I don’t think I’ve ever purposefully eaten a garbanzo bean in my life.

To get with dinner, I also baked a chocolate cake, just a regular boxed one. But I made my own peanut butter buttercream frosting which actually turned out well, I was impressed with it.

When the hubby gets his officer commission next month, I’m going to make a cake and he loves chocolate and peanut butter, so I thought this would be a good one to start with. I think for the actual cake for his commission ceremony however I will put peanut butter buttercream as the filling between layers and chocolate buttercream on the outside.

I am also going to make a rectangular cake. I’m thinking about covering it in fondant and then painting, spraying, or something to make it gold like a “butter bar.” Just like his new rank symbol looks.

All said it was a decent day and I’m really proud I actually took the time to cook and experiment with some baking. I got to use a wedding gift for the first time, so that added to it.

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