Fantasy Football 2011-2012 season

Today is my last fantasy football game.

I made it to playoffs taking the 5th seed, just missing out on the money round. I won my first consolation game and I am playing for fifth place overall.

I was so close to making into the championship round too. I started off strong but had a rough season with my top guys getting season ending injuries. Like Tim Hightower. And Kenny Britt. And Jahvid Best.

When they were all healthy, coupled with my strong and steady QB in Drew Brees, I was dominating. I tied for high point in week one. But I started off 2-2 and struggled with consistency, especially with the onslaught of injuries.

Oh the season I could have had if they hadn’t been injured….

And then there is my quarterback. Oh Drew Brees, how I love him. I seriously don’t ever want to play without my boy.

Not only does he put up huge numbers each week, but I also am a huge Saints fan. I’ll not that John Kasay is my kicker.

So here’s to starting of the 2012 year with a big fantasy win, and an ass kicking of the Panthers. (My poor husband probably won’t be talking to me by the time the game is over today….)

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