The year 2011 has had it’s many ups and downs for me.

One of my biggest struggles was my profession. As a child, I played multiple sports, sometimes two or three at a time. And later on my life revolved around athletics and sports writing. My love and passion for the two sent me to school  to pursue and obtain a journalism degree. My schooling led me to several jobs at different newspapers.

After some trying co-workers, difficult situations as well as being a rare female in a widely male dominated industry, I left my last paper in October of 2011 and haven’t written again until now.

Big deal right?

That’s only three months, who cares? But for me, it’s been difficult. I felt like I had lost my passion.

While covering sports the last few months at my previous job I did my job dutifully and worked hard at each assignment but there was something missing.

Over the last three months without writing I’ve begun to miss it. The feeling has come back slowly but surely and I have finally decided I want to again pursue sports journalism.

That starts here, revisiting some of my favorite moments of the year and my new hunt for a job in my new little city I live in.

Fingers crossed.

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