Black Thumb

Nature and I simply don’t get along.

But knowing this I was stupid and thought I’d attempt to keep a plant alive anyways.

My husband and I were out shopping and I saw a mint leaves plant. For some reason I decided I had to have this cute little plant.

My darling husband took me to get a plate to put my plant in so the water gets taken in from the bottom. We found one that had three little compartments so I get the bright idea that I might as well get to two more plants (so much for starting off slowly) so my tray is full.

So I headed back to the store where I purchased Basil and Italian Parsley plants.

The next problem was figuring out where to put these plants. They need sunlight but I didn’t know that when I bought them. But we have this cute little kitty that would murder them before I made it that far.

So we stuck them in the windowsill and closed the door so they could get sunlight.

However the temperature has totally dropped and that room is freezing…so more poor plants are cold!

So I stuck them in the kitchen so they’d stay warm, but no sunlight. Today the look so sad! I had to start trimming all the dead stuff of but I have very low hopes.

It’s a little warmer today so my little guys are back in the window, hopefully the sunshine will help… Boo.

2 thoughts on “Black Thumb

  1. I have terrible trouble with herbs, don ‘t know why. Other things like too much water, etc,etc might be causing problems. Waiting until it warms up and putting the plants on the balcony might be your best bet.


    • I’m just afraid they’ll die before it’s warm enough to put them on the balcony. And I also don’t know how they’ll do with humidity, if that even affects them.


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