First snow!

I would like to personally welcome the first snow of 2012 to my town.

I’m way excited.

I do feel bad that my poor husband is sitting outside right now but it should be clear in a few hours!

Also, my kitten now realizes there’s white sparkly fluffy things falling outside and she’s laying in her tree ready to attack. It’s pretty cute!

Now onto the sports…..this weekend was pretty nuts. 24-2, really Atlanta? That’s just embarrassing, honestly. And congrats to the Denver Broncos. I’m not going to touch on them much because I honestly am sick of the Tebow trashing. He’s done nothing to all of those out there who hate him to hate him. It’s pretty ridiculous, in my opinion.

I can’t wait for Saturday to watch Saints and 49ers game!

Tonight is the BCS National Championship, that should be a pretty good game.

And for those who like fluff – there will be loads of trashy fluffy tonight on The Bachelor.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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