Week 2 of the Bachelor

This show is a serious train wreck.

Blakeley is crazy. I don’t know about the Courtney chick either. She might be like Michelle Money from Brad’s season…she was a little crazy but she ended up being pretty funny. And I loved her on Bachelor Pad.

But I love Kacie B! She is so sweet. She is my favorite by far this season, I have high hopes for her.

And then there’s Jenna. That girl is just a hot mess. She says she’s a blogger but she can hardly put a sentence together around Ben. Both this week and last week when they got some one-on-one time, she was completely incoherent.

Maybe she’s a blogger because she can communicate only through the written word, I don’t know. When they did her intro in the first episode she was cool but I am so unbelievably glad she’s gone.

I do think it’s really cute he took all of the ladies to Sonoma. I think it’s a good way for him to see if he thinks any of them would fit in but to do it early on this time, instead of waiting until the very end. It’s good forward thinking.

And I felt bad for all of them at the rose ceremony, they looked like they were absolutely freezing. But Jenna’s exit was pretty amusing….I mean she’s only know the guy for like a day…..and she had a melt down. Some people just aren’t cut out for reality romance.

One thought on “Week 2 of the Bachelor

  1. I couldn’t agree more with everything you just said! lol Kacie B is my favorite and Im so glad Jenna is gone. My words exactly when I watched that episode was, “shes a blogger? She cant even put a sentence together!” lol very very emotional episode.


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