My poor kitten….

I don’t know what’s happen in the past 24 hours but I’m pretty sure she hates me now.

Right around this time yesterday I was cursing this cat for waking me up 30 minutes before my alarm went off. I was so exhausted because I’d gone to bed so late, I really wanted that 30 minutes so I was pissed.

Then I took her to the vet and traumatized her because there were three dogs in the waiting room. So far there’s never been anyone besides the two of us in the waiting room. So she inched back into the farthest corner of her carrier and quivered. The whole carrier was shaking in my hand, poor little thing.

Then we get in the exam room and I let her out….and she’s still hiding in he r carrier, she always will walk up and poke her head out. I had to drag her out instead. Then she actually let the vet tech take her temperature which she has yet to do.

Then while we wait for the vet she curled up on my lap and practically crawled into my sweatshirt for safety. The last two times she’s roamed around and scoped the place out and tried to knock over the trash can. Not yesterday.

The vet finally comes in and my poor Athena is totally freaked out still. The vet tries to give her spray cheese to distract her during her shots, and it didn’t work…but it did the last few times. She figured out the trick.

So I get her back in the car and she’s totally passed out. We get home and she’s playful and hyper.

After about two hours of that she pretty much passed out the rest of the day. I had people over so she was sleeping on people’s laps or rubbing against their legs but wouldn’t come anywhere near me.

Usually at night she’ll jump on the bed a few times and run around before she settles down. And at some point in the night she ends up in bed and lays between my husband and me.

She sat there on the floor, cried a little and stared at us. So we each at some point picked her up to put her in the bed and she immediately jumped off. So she sat there and stared all bitter-like. It was strange.

Then in the mornings after she wakes me up for breakfast and I go back to sleep she usually jumps on the bed….nothing. I put her in bed and she ran off again. Now she’s across the room glaring at me.

Stupid rabies shot, it’s ruined my cat!

As much as I hate when she wakes me up and doesn’t let me go back to sleep, I’d rather have that then my little kitty who glares at me from the other side of the room and is indifferent to my presence.

2 thoughts on “My poor kitten….

  1. I was trying to give her a few days to get over it, thinking the shots made her feel crummy. She finally crawled up on the bed this morning when she wanted breakfast. Then after I fed her she came back awhile later and snuggled a little bit so hopefully it’ll be OK.


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