Second week of NFL Playoffs

I’m so excited for this week of playoffs!

On Saturday the Saints travel to San Francisco (you have no idea how bitter I am I’m not currently living in Northern California so I could be at this game!). I grew up near San Fran and I’ve never been a 9er fan. Joe Montana and Steve Young were cool — but who didn’t like them? But I cannot stand Alex Smith.

The only thing I like about the 49ers this year is that Colin Kaepernick is on their roster, not that he plays….

But regardless I hope my Saints destroy them. I would take quiet a bit of satisfaction from that. If it’s an offensive shoot out, I don’t think the 49ers can keep up with Drew Brees and his squad.

I also think the Saints secondary isn’t given nearly enough credit. So for the record, I’m predicting a Saints win in this one.

I also am predicting that New England beats Denver. However— I want Denver to win. Like I’ve said before, the Tebow drama is stupid and people have really pointless reasons for hating him. So I’d love a Broncos win, and Tebow proved me wrong last week, so we shall see!

Who do you pick this week? Click my poll to share your Saturday playoff winners!

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