Can we discuss at length how much I hate the 49ers?

I am so sick of the San Francisco 40-whiners. I hate them.

I hate that the NFL wants them to win.

They are not back to glory days of Joe Montana and Steve Young, when they were a respectable team.

Alex Smith has slightly improved due to some legit leadership from Jim Harbaugh.

But let’s look at the 49ers wins and losses this season, shall we? If you you’d like the full list, please click here.

To begin the season they played the Seahawks and won. The Seahawks suck. Then they lost to the Cowboys.

Next SF had four straight wins before their bye playing against the Bengals, Eagles, Bucs and the Lions. The only game I will give any credibility to is the Lions. Good game, good win. The other three were crap teams with only the Bengals making the playoffs, but they weren’t any good either really.

After the bye, they own another four straight playing the Browns (sucky) the Redskins (sucky) the Giants and the Cards. The Giants have their moments of brilliance and their moments of craptasticness. But they do have a great team.

Then the 49ers lost to the Ravens – probably one of the toughest teams they played all season.

The last 5 games of the season were victories over the Rams, Cards, Steelers, Seahawks and Rams again!

Come on. They played five decent opponents all season and lost to two of them (Cowboys and Ravens) but I’ll give them credit for beating the Giants, Steelers and Lions.

The fumble on Pierre Thomas was bullshit. That was a helmet to helmet hit that probably knocked Thomas out, causing him to drop the ball. That was a horrible no call.

Had that been called like it should’ve been, the Saints would’ve started ahead 7-0 but no.

And screw the damn announcers saying the 49ers defense forced the turnover. No, it was an illegal hit, there’s no skill in that. There’s no forcing. But whatever.

At the end of the day, win or lose, the things the Saints have done this season, this 49ers squad couldn’t do in their wildest day dreams.

If the 49ers had a legit schedule without playing some of the weakest teams in the league multiple times this season, we wouldn’t be sitting here.

Not to mention I have no faith in Alex Smith.

Put Kaep in there maybe I’ll change my tune, but alas I hate the Goddamn Niners.

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