The voyage to Hawaii…..

Talk about your long days….

We started off at 4am after just 2.5 hours of sleep.

First plane flight left a 6:59 am. No biggie right? Add in two very tired adults, 11 bags and a pissed off rabbit….ouch.

Yes I said it, 11 bags. Three suitcases of varying sizes, two seabags, two garment bags, a rolling duffle bag, a cardboard box about my size for Trigger’s cage, Trigger himself, Wes’ back, my laptop bag and my purse.  So technically that’s 13 if we’re going to count Trigger and my purse….good times right?

So Wes has to drop off the rental car so he unloads all the bags, puts some on a cart and get a guy with a funny hat and big cart to help me out. So the guy wheels all our stuff to nearish the ticket counter, drops it and leaves….gee thanks.

So I have to wait for Wes to get back to get us all checked in with our crap load of stuff. And people were looking at me like I’d completely lost my mind…

So we get all our crap up to check in and they charged us not only $200 for Trigger, but $200 for the box his cage is in, saying it was oversized. Boo. And yes, we really love our rabbit that much – don’t judge.

So the guy takes forever getting all our stuff checked in and walks us up to security so we don’t miss our flight. Halfway through security they ask Wes to come with them to pull Trigger out of his carrier so they can scan the carrier and then put the little guy back in.

Once our flight took off it was pretty easy from there. It’s about an hour and a half flight from Reagan to Atlanta and we both slept the entire way, thank goodness.

We had to switch terminals in Atlanta but we had a two hour layover, so we had tons of time and were able to grab a snack and some water.

We also saw one of the baggage guys on the runway completely tip over his load by trying to take a turn too quickly. And yes a bunch of our bags were in there…hooray.

Then came the big mama, a 10 hour flight.  And of course Wes and I were in the middle row, where there are four seats…and we had the two middle spots.

It actually wasn’t too bad though. We had screens in the back of the seat in front of us so we could watch TV and movies there. We both slept on and off for the first half of the flight and then the last four hours we played cards and watched movies.

I watched two episodes of The Walking Dead, I’d never seen it before and I heard a lot of great things about it so I thought I’d try it. Seemed pretty good, obviously I was lost picking it up in the middle of the series but it was good. And creepy.

Then I watched Hunger Games for the rest of the flight…now that’s what I call a good plane ride! 🙂

Once we landed, the fun really began. We corralled all of our bags got them loaded up into the truck of the very nice Marine who came to pick us up. Then we went to get Trigger out of the quarantine office….when I realized I left my brand new Kindle on the plane. Oops.

So Wes left me to deal with the bunny and head back towards the plane to see if he could save the Kindle. Then I found out they wouldn’t release Trigger to anyone but Wes because he had checked him in….so I waited. And waited some more.

Wes finally came back Kindle-less and we saved the poor little bunny. Who was soaked and had no water left.

As we were heading back around Delta called to say they found the Kindle so Wes ran back in to get it, the day was saved!

After about 2 hours of being stuck in traffic we finally arrived at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay.

What I got to see of the base is gorgeous! The housing on base seemed really nice and it was so cool to see a ton of families out and about trick-or-treating with their children, and people set up chairs in their driveways to visit and enjoy the beautiful night and all the festivities.

So far, I love it here.

More to come later. Aloha!

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