Giving Thanks

Hello all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday so far!

I have being doing this 30 Days of Thanks thing on Facebook and I have skipped the last few days. Not due to laziness but because there were so many things that I was thankful for I couldn’t choose, so I decided why not write about it?

First and foremost I am beyond thankful for my amazing family. I am incapable of describing how much I love that band of weirdos from my nutty cousins to my aunts and uncles and grand parents, they all helped shape me into who I am, and I happen to like me, so I’m quite appreciative of their influence.

I am also thankful that I have found someone who 100% completes me. It is simply amazing to me that I have found another person to not only come home to every day but someone who supports me, and loves me unconditional and is my absolute other half.

Also my friends, old and new. With the many benefits of being a military spouse, there are also a few key draw backs – but they are made easy by those amazing people out there who can always bring a smile to my face, even on the darkest day. You know who you are, and you have my deepest thanks.

And lastly, I am thankful for this crazy journey we are on, compliments of the Marine Corps. When I met a very cute football player at the age of 16, this is not at all what I thought my life would be, but I would never have it any other way. The military has made us stronger through separation and forced us to communicate when maybe we couldn’t have. It’s forced me to be stronger than I ever though I could be. I have made life long friends, who I otherwise probably would have never met – and for that I am eternally grateful.

Plus what other job would have my husband wearing such a hot uniform? 😀

Wes and I on Thanksgiving

I hope each and every single one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well and got to enjoy time with those you love the most, friends, family or your adopted family.

Much to love to you all!

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