What an ugly day….

I really want to write something about what happened today but I feel like no matter what few words I could possibly try and string together, it won’t matter. It won’t make sense of things, I won’t find comfort in it and nor will anyone else. So I’m going to just say something that made me smile because that’s all I can do.

Roxy doesn’t like rain, apparently. After going out to Waikiki for a few hours we rushed in the door to let the poor pup out. Let me preface this by saying it had sort of sprinkled on us over the drive home and as we were coming in the gate to get on base Wes said wow it rained here again….

Wes ran her outside as soon as I got the leash on her and then came back to get me, we planned to take a nice long walk. I changed and threw on some tennis shoes and we were back outside. We hadn’t made it more than about 20 yards when the sky literally just opened up on our heads. Roxy was not having it. Wes and I looked at each other and we decided to head back inside. Roxy took off like a torpedo to get back to the under hang by our room. She was not having it. And she must have shook like 5 times, it was adorable. Then I tried to rub her down with a towel and she attacked it….so cute.

And let me just say this about the place we went to in Waikiki, called Shore Birds. So it’s a bar/restaurant and they do karaoke. Okay, cool, whatever. Very limited menu – no so great. Huge space though and great for a group, there were about 30 people there with our group.

But get this….you cook your own food. No joke. You order, they bring you your food on a plate, uncooked, and then you go grill it yourself.

Why would I pay $30 for a steak that I have to cook myself? That’s just beyond me.

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