Holiday recipe fails and successes

So first, let’s get it straight that I live in a hotel.

And in said hotel I have a microwave, a toast, four forks, knives, spoons, bowls and plates. That’s basically it. There are community grills nearby and we have a fridge so we can have cereal, make sandwiches, etc.

So I had an event to go to and needed to bring something with. So I called my mom begging for help and she gave me her lemonade cheesecake recipe and that was a major success. And it was super easy which is awesome. I had to make it twice so I eventually bought a hand mixer, crappy spatula and some bowls to make my life easier.


  So lemonade cheesecake, success!

Then I attempted to make some dishes from Christmas  I decided even though all I had at my disposal was a crockpot, we would still have a nice Christmas. PS all of these I found on Pinterest, of course.

Christmas Eve:

So on Christmas Eve we grilled some chicken and I made crock-pot Mac and Cheese. This actually turned out really well! I was nervous and Mac & Cheese is one of my husband’s favorite dishes ever. His mom makes a great recipe and he can make a really good one as well. I think the only thing I would change would be to add another type of cheese. We bought a 5 cheese Italian blend, I would add sharp cheddar to make it more flavorful. And maybe a pinch of garlic powder. I highly recommend trying this one out! Success!

Christmas Breakfast:

At our hotel they have a free breakfast….the only good thing that have is coffee, everything else pretty much sucks. So I decided I was not going to eat crappy hotel breakfast on Christmas. So I found a recipe for crock-pot French Toast. Seriously? I was so excited I couldn’t stand it! How great will it be to have delicious French toast on Christmas morning. So I set it up around midnight after we finished watching our traditional viewing of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (my favorite!).

This, sadly, was a complete and utter failure. Wes said it was probably the bread, we bought organic cinnamon raisin bread but I think he was just being nice. It sort of turned into a non-tasty bread pudding deal. The ingredients are great, it’s what I would put in a french toast mix if I got to use a stove. But it was awful. If I’m brave and have a ton of extra eggs, maybe I’ll try it with better bread sometime. But I was pretty disappointed and we gave up and had cereal. Fail.

Christmas Dinner:

For Christmas dinner I decided to make a side dish and a main dish. For the side I found a Ranch Potato recipe. Wes really liked them. I was disappointed because even though I cooked them longer than the recipe calls for, they still weren’t soft enough to my liking. I thought they were pretty firm. I needed a little more time before I had to dump the potatoes into a container to start the main dish, I think that would have helped a lot. I will definitely give these another shot. They were very easy and quick to prepare!  Semi-success.

For the main dish I made Creamy Italian Chicken. This was also pretty good. Wes said he loved it. I cooked it a little long and it eventually fell apart in the crockpot. It was soupier than I thought it was going to be I really liked this one also. I think I would add some veggies next time, definitely make pasta along with it and pour some sauce and chicken over the top and that would be absolutely delicious. Success!

So those are my December recipe reviews!

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