Let’s Talk Fantasy

So it’s been a week since our leagued drafted so maybe I should talk about my team a bit.

Here’s my line up for this season:

QB Drew Brees

RB Arian Foster

RB Chris Gronkowski

WR Eric Decker

WR Golden Tate

WR Victor Cruz

TE Tony Gonzalez

FLEX Mark Ingram


RB Jacquizz Rodgers

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey

WR Alshon Jeffrey

QR Brian Quick

TE Jermaine Gresham

K Steve Hauschka

Def Green Bay

I’m thrilled with my QB obviously. I had the 2nd pick of the draft so I took Arian Foster in the first round with the 2nd pick and then I took Drew Brees in the 2nd round with the 23rd pick.

I am really hoping Chris Gronkowski is even better than his brother and has a breakout season…but that’s a lot of pressure on the poor guy haha.

I did a lot of research and Eric Decker and Golden Tate came up a lot as good sleeper picks so I’ve got high hopes for them as well.

What all can I say about how talented Victor Cruz and Tony Gonzalez are. As long as they don’t get injured I’ll get solid numbers from them all season.

Seattle is suppose to have some mad skills this season so having their kicker should get me some good points.

Green Bay is an annual powerhouse obviously, so their defense (except when they play the Saints) will hopefully work out for me this season.

Like I said, Breesy Like Sunday Morning is out for blood this year.

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