Roomba Review

So a lot of people have asked me about this so I wanted to post about it.

For Christmas my darling husband got me a Roomba.

Yes…I have come to the point in life where my most desired Christmas present is something that’s fairly practical in making my life easier. Or a vacation…but I live in Hawaii so yeah.

Anyways we (okay, okay I) named the Roomba Rita. Wes bought me the 650 model. Set up was ridiculously easy it basically just needed to charge overnight.

The one we have has a function to set it up to run on a programmed schedule. You can choose days of the week and times for it to run automatically.

I honestly have no complaints about my Roomba except that it’s pretty noisy. So I would definitely recommend running it while you’re out of the house.

And the most important part, it does a great job of getting things clean! Note here that we have tile over our entire downstairs. Carpet upstairs. It goes under my couch, coffee table and bunny’s cage. It picks up fur from my shedding pets. It a;so goes onto my area rug and cleans that.

Roomba’s also have sensors on them so if you put it upstairs, it basically can detect a ‘cliff’ and it doesn’t fall down the stairs.

I empty the receptacle on it every time I use it, because it definitely fills up quickly.

I sort of forgot to clean my Roomba for the first two months I had it…but once I figured it out it was really easy to clean up. All the parts that you are suppose to be able to clean are yellow. It’s really self explanatory once you take a minute to really look at it. I will definitely make sure I clean it more often.

So at the end of the day all I have to say is, Roomba’s are amazing! We got our at Bed Bath and Beyond when we had a 20% off coupon. So far there are no other expenses needed, although I will need to buy a new filter for it in about a month.

I highly recommend to everyone out there, get a Roomba, it makes life so much easier!

For more Roomba info check it out on Amazon and on iRobot.

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