Farmer’s Markets, hiking and amazing friends.

So this was one of my favorite weeks in Hawaii, and here’s why.

My friends are awesome.

Between St. Patrick’s Day parade and dinner, hiking, DIY projects, farmers markets and more…it’s been a great week!

For St. Patrick’s Day we headed down to Waikiki to watch the parade. Then we headed to Moose McGillycuddys for lunch and green beer.

Image  Image

Next we hiked to Kaiwi Shoreline trail. It was gorgeous. I’ve been to the Makapuu Lighthouse hike several times and this is just below it. For awhile it looks like you’re in a desert but once you get down to the water it’s really pretty!


It would have been a good hike to take Roxy on. It was fairly flat. It was definitely warm out, and we were there around 11 or so.

This week I also found my inner appreciation of farmer’s markets. And bonus, there are several of them in close proximity to where I live.

I love them for several reasons:

1) Inexpensive, quality produce.

2) Locally grown stuff.

3) Great place to do some people watching.

4) A chance to check out local businesses.

5) Free samples.

6) Yummy local cuisine.

7) Good place to hang out with friends.

So yeah, those are just some of the reasons while I really enjoy farmers markets. We went to one this week and last week and had some AMAZING food. Fried kale ‘sushi sliders.’ Except that I left the ahi off. Don’t they look delicious?


Bananas wrapped in okinawa sweet potatoes, fried with sugar on the outside.


Chocolate and ice creams that are made with island grown ingredients.Delicious local bread (white chocolate and blueberry).


Needless to say, I’m stuffed.

But I love that there are so many local places here that get all of their ingredients from the Hawaiian Islands. It makes it so much fresher, since everything else has to be shipped here.

Basically, my friends (pictured here and not) are awesome, and I can’t wait for some more adventures! Between board games, movies and discussions on all things femalogical and loserest and everything in between.

So answer me this in a comment below….What are some of your favorite places to check out with your friends?

And just for kicks….


And this girl:


2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Markets, hiking and amazing friends.

  1. Yay!! I made the blog. This week has been a lot of fun and has gone by quickly, which is quite the feat with the guys gone. I think we need to have a disscussion on the terms Femological and loserst. 😉 grateful for great friends!!


    • Hahaha. Yes I agree, those terms need to be up for some serious discussion. Maybe we should make a definition post so the rest of the world can use these amazing words properly.


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