30 Day Challenges….

So I’ve started these challenges. Today will be Day 9 for both.

First, the 30 Day Push up challenge. In 30 days, by doing five different types of push ups, I’ll be doing 50 push ups by the end. So far so good….but my arms are definitely sore every day! After a tough last few days, I’m glad today is a rest day for push ups! Yesterday was only 15 but I can definitely tell I’m better at them than I was on Day 1!

And secondly, the 30 day squat challenge. And my legs are killing me! This challenge works you all the way up to 200 squats in four weeks through five different exercises. Yesterday was a rest day but today I have 90 to do. I’m still a little sore from two days ago so I’ll be doing those tonight!

After these challenges I plan on checking out the 30 day butt challenge. Here’s a 30 day buns, guns and abs workout that I’ll check out also.


If you’ve done a challenge like this, write it in the comments section so I can check it out!

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