Update to my 30 Day Challenges

So today is Day 18 of my 30 Day push up and squat challenges that I mentioned in a previous post. Yesterday was a big day with 135 squats and 30 push ups. Today will be 75 squats and a rest day for push ups.

So I do these exercises at night usually after my evening work out or after dinner. So far I have to say it’s going pretty well. I think I had to take two days off, separately because I got home really late and was flat out too exhausted to do them.

But I have to admit, it’s really hard to do these while I’m doing other workouts.

Between Zumba (we do squats in that class!) and a weekly cardio and tone class (squats, lunges and a lot of upper body work outs) it’s definitely been a challenge. Throw in yoga and a running….I’m feeling it.

I’ve started skipping the zumba songs where we do squats because my legs are tired or it’s suppose to be my squat rest day.

In yoga on Tuesday night we were holding the warrior pose for a long time and I had to keep taking breaks because my quads were done for. Plus there were a lot of other moves where I found it hard to hold myself up because my shoulders and triceps were fatigued.

But I’m doing my best. My husband has done the last two days with me and will be doing to rest of the 30 days with me. I had to laugh when he made the push ups look so effortless. But after a three mile run, squats and our push up challenge I think he was at least mildly tired. I learned (again) never compete with a Marine for fitness, I will never ever win!

I’ll update again when I’m done. I’m absolutely enjoying these challenges. I can see and feel the difference especially in my arms. In the past I struggled with push ups, and I still do especially with the diamond push ups but I’m improving.

I’m going to have to start looking for some new challenges to do when I’m done. Any recommendations?

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