Day 4 of National Infertility Awareness Week: Resolve to Know More

So I want to thank everyone who has left me comments and sent me private messages. I was really nervous about posting the other day because it was a big deal for us. Now everyone would know the fact that currently, we can’t conceive. Would they judge us or blame us? How would my husband feel. (Answer, super supportive and proud of me for proving to myself I’m strong enough and brave enough to write what I wrote). But it was pretty nerve wracking.

So thank you to those who have showed your love and support to us since Monday, we are very grateful. I know a lot of people have questions about infertility, myths, etc so here are some links that might be useful.

25 Things to Say (and not say) to Someone Living with Infertility.

This one is very similar but I love the name of it. How Not to be a Dick to Your Infertile Friend. 

Here is some FAQ from the CDC compiled in 2013.


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