Where do we go now?

So with so many things going on, I have about 5 different things I wanted to write about, but in light of the last few days…..there is only one thing I want to talk about today.

And that, is this girl.



For those of you who don’t know, this is Patches. She was born February 3, 1997. When I was nine, we went to meet some puppies. And of all her brothers and sisters, this girl caught my attention. I was rocking some air Jordan’s and she chewed on my shoe laces and it was love at first sight.

She was a tiny little thing and small enough to live in a laundry basket for her first few days home with us until she learned how to climb out of it. When she was a pup, she would chase me around our backyard and herd me, like she would if she got to follow her instincts to be a true sheep dog.

When I was in sixth grade, my parents decided to move us, about half an hour away to put me in a better neighborhood and better school system. I was distraught about the choice, but at least I had Patches to go through it all with me.

She was there for me as I went to middle school for the first time. She was waiting at home for me the day I graduated from junior high. She was there for all of my birthday pool parties and played with me and my friends, swam with us, relaxed with us.

She ran with me, was my wing man when I tried to flirt with boys, and helped me train for soccer. When I was having an angsty teenage day and wanted to be anywhere but here, she was my silent companion on walks, and she always understood me. She never judged me. She sat with me when I cried. She gave me space when I need it.She was always there when the only thing I needed in the world was a hug.

She got up with me at 3am to watch the World Cup during the summer. She waited with me while I did homework, and then fell asleep doing my homework. She trusted me enough to get in the car with me after I learned to drive. She came to my soccer games and tried to chase the ball.

She listened to my stories when I got home the night I met my future husband. She cuddled me the night I had my first fight with my future husband. She celebrated with me when my future husband told me he loved me. She wished my luck before the big soccer games, before the SAT. She sat with me while I applied for college and when I got my acceptance letters.

She understood when I left for college, and was ready and waiting for playtime whenever I came home, which was often. She was friendly to almost everyone….with some exceptions. She protected our yard from the gardeners, she had a very loud opinion on certain subjects, like how grass should be cut and how the pool should be cleaned.

She loved frisbees. And squeakers. And to eat squeakers out of things. She loved me, my parents, my friends. She loved hot dogs. And cheese. And to swim. And to bite at cars. And water.

She was always a happy go lucky, sweet and playful girl. She hated to sleep on the bed with anyone. As soon as I would move, she would run. I would lie as still as possible just to keep her to stay….but she had a house to patrol. 

The day before I got married, she was there with full love and affection, ready to see me off. When I got home from my honeymoon, she was there. When I cried the night before I moved across the country, she was there.

For more than 17 years, this girl was there for me. Through every up and down no matter what mood I was in, how bratty I was acting, her love never wavered and never faltered. 

17 years- she had an amazing and long life. I will always remember playing fetch in the house and running with her and her caring for me when I was hurting. I am happy for the life she got to live. She was there for me for so many firsts, and so many huge events in my life. I just wish she was there for a rest. When 17 years is an incredible life for a dog, we only get to enjoy them for such a short time comparatively. If only they were by our side forever. I was lucky to have her as a best friend. I will always cherish the amazing girl that she was, always sweet and happy.

On Friday, July 11th we said goodbye to this sweet, kind, loving, amazing girl. She will be forever be loved and missed by those who were lucky enough to know her.

Me and Patch playing Patchessleeping

I love you sweet girl. I miss you. 

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