Catch Up on my weekly pictures!

Here are the weekly bump/chalk board pictures I promised!

They are from Week 6 through Week 20. I will note however I did miss Week 8 with my chalk board. And also week 18 is a little weird but it worked!


6 Weeks along and my first picture with the chalk board we made!


7 Weeks


8 Weeks. I was traveling and at my favorite Sister in Law’s wedding on October 5th so I was quite far from my chalk board. Totally worth it. Plus I had a really hot date.


9 weeks!


10 Weeks and feeling a bit better!


11 Weeks and moving along!


12 weeks I really like this shirt OK? And these shorts too!


13 weeks and reppin’ Nevada


14 Weeks – time to go to baby’s first Marine Corps Ball!


15 Weeks and the first blump signs are showing!


16 weeks – is it blump or bump?


17 Weeks – It’s a boy!!!

18Weeks 18Weeks2

18 Weeks, a first for us both, our first 5k! We walked it but still had fun!


19 Weeks — is this bump ever getting here?


20 Weeks and half way done! I like to say there’s no bump….but I’m wearing the exact same shirt in this picture and in my 6 Week picture – I think there’s a difference!

Anyways thanks for taking this little photo journey through the last 14 weeks with me!

3 thoughts on “Catch Up on my weekly pictures!

    • Well of all people I would hope that you like the pictures the most!

      I feel like pregnancy has definitely left my humor intact as well. 😉


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