To Cloth Diaper, or not to Cloth Diaper

This has been a question that has sort of nagged at me since we discussed having children…but now I guess it’s something I should really figure out.

I have seen one close friend cloth diaper and another not. These are pretty much the only people I have consistently been around who have had teeny babies since I have been an adult.

I can see lots of benefits, like economically and environmentally. But the amount of extra laundry makes me want to cry. That is BY FAR my least favorite chore on the planet.

However, after doing about six hours of research today, from reading articles to watching YouTube videos and browsing Pinterest and much more I finally decided that yes, that is what we shall do! Wes has been on board with whatever I have felt most comfortable with and is more than willing to participate and learn with me. I think he’s a keeper!

But I must say, sifting through all of the videos, research and sheer volume of information on cloth diapering is a bit daunting.

I was recommended to check out what I now think is a great video series called Cloth Diapering 101.

I found it very simple and helpful. She listed lots of pros and cons and all the difference between the different systems of diapering. It was broken down into 7 short videos, none were over nine minutes in length. She made it very simple and I could follow along easily, without having much prior knowledge about how exactly cloth diapers work other than the very very basics.

There were also some other really cool videos, I watched about 20 or so today. I sent this one to my husband – done by a stay at home dad who has gotten into the cloth diapering experience as well.

For those who do know a bit about this, I think what we will be doing is going with the pocket diaper system, specifically the bumGenius 4.0 series, along with some FuzziBunz. We will also have a couple prefolds with covers and some All In One diapers as well. I will be on the hunt for some good deals and will also check out different brands and systems but I think the pocket diapers will be what works best for us!

I say that now but I will definitely be checking them out and making sure I get to see them in person a bit. Everyone has said it is sort of a trial and error process so I’m still working out how to put that into effect while being economical.

So far I’ve been look a lot at the Cotton Babies site and Kelley’s Closet. Kelley’s closet has a cool deal going on, that you get a free diaper when your order is over $39, so I thought that was pretty cool. It either gives you a chance to try a new diaper, you can re-sell it elsewhere if it’s not what you want, or it could be something you really wanted but didn’t order. So think that’s a great deal.

They also had a few brands on sale this weekend that I almost purchased because I apparently I have a very twitchy online shopping finger this week. But I just found out there is a cloth diaper store not far from me. They are close for a few weeks while the owner is on vacation but I will be checking them out in two weeks when they reopen!

After all this research today I am also quite interested in cloth wipes and will be working on some Do It Yourself wipe projects in the next few weeks!

I know there are so many other brands and types than the ones I was able to mention in the post, plus tons of different places to find them – so I still have a bit of work ahead of me.

It seems one of the biggest challenges I’ll be facing is weird comments or people telling me “I can’t” do it. I’m already running into that a bit. So to the nay sayers, I say…


Leave comments below on what sort of cloth diapers have worked for you! What do you like and not like? Do you use cloth wipes as well? Any tips for a cloth diapering newbie?

2 thoughts on “To Cloth Diaper, or not to Cloth Diaper

  1. So many thoughts here after 17 months now of cloth diapering (and the end is nearing!).

    We cloth diaper. I agree, the Kelly’s Closet definitely was appealing to me when I first started out – cute stuff! good deals! But, it really ended up being extra futzy with those non-cotton diapers. For us, anyway. What I found, too, is that if you Google for the exact same brand of diaper that Kelly’s Closet sells, it is often cheaper everywhere else.

    I really liked the wet bags we purchased from there, though. We bought a couple of these ( for at home and three of these ( for daycare to use in a trashcan we supplied them like this one ( What appealed to me about that brand was that it is biodegradable (eventually) and has cute prints. Three was the magic number for me because we now do a load of diapers every other day. So two dirty pail liners to be washed leaves me one clean one to send to daycare the next day without stressing too much that the diapers aren’t done washing before I go to bed.

    The first absolute best part about cloth diapering for us was that, if the baby is exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, that is 6 months worth of poopy diapers you don’t have to rinse out before you throw it in the washer! Breastmilk poop is completely water soluble! Hopefully breastfeeding works out for you such that you can take advantage of this. (I highly recommend finding a local La Leche League meeting by you and reading – all evidence-based and science-supported breastfeeding help. They help me all the time!) Now we have a kitchen sprayer hooked up to the toilet to hose out soiled diapers. (

    I was really lucky in that a friend of mine did diaper co-ops (where a bunch of people all buy in and they order a huge lot of cloth diapers and covers at very cheap from China or somewhere). She had her last baby and it was a girl, so she sent me all of her boys’ covers and a bunch of inserts.

    The covers (mostly Alva brand, but I really don’t think it matters) were all pockets – which was great! But after a while, we ended up leaving the inserts on the outside (right against baby’s skin) because it was a lot less yucky to just flip the cover over and dump the contents into the washer than to dig in the pocket to get the wet inserts out. That’s just how it worked out for us.

    My FAVORITE diapers are from Green Mountain. ( They show you pictures of the products on actual babies of varying sizes. My boy is a beefcake and always has been, so it is good to know how it would fit on him. Daytime, we put tri-folded prefold organic cotton diapers ( as the inserts to the covers. They hold a TON of pee, they can be washed normally (just no fabric softener, but no special detergents necessary, either), and they can be hung to dry and de-stain. And they are cotton, so much lower risk of irritating baby’s skin (my kid’s skin is super sensitive). I bought a bunch of medium (red edge) when my kid was 5 months old and have never needed to buy more of the prefolds, since. They were bulky on that 5 month old butt, but still fit perfectly in the covers now at 17 months. I think if I were to do it over again, I just would have bought small instead as I think the medium were just a bit too bulky as trifold inserts.

    Nighttime was the hardest for me. My kid peed often. And a lot. And none of the cloth diapers I had at first (softbums and then kawaii goodnight heavy wetter pockets) would hold any of his night time pees. We coslept as it was easiest for us to sleep and breastfeed – I know this is a hot topic for many, but I did a lot of research and always practice safe co-sleeping ( And side-laying nursing is a life-saver for sleeping with a baby (

    Anyway, since my kid was sleeping on his side all the time, and there is no absorbent material on the sides of those diapers, pee would just flow right out the top. This happened with disposable diapers, too. So, after a lot of reading, I got these workhorse fitted diapers ( They have diaper material around the legs, too, so that would stop the leaks. Then, for covers, we used what we called “goat boy pants”. ( These worked so well! I bought two so that one could air out for a day while I used the other one. We also have a few of these nice wool covers for when it seemed too hot for him to sleep in his goat boy pants. (

    Now that the kid doesn’t go through a diaper an hour (or more) like he did when he was smaller, I’ve gone from one diaper wash a day to one every two to three days. The important thing is to have enough diapers to last you two days, so then you don’t NEED to wash them every day. My evening routine on diaper wash day is to hose out any poopy diapers from day care (otherwise I immediately hose out poopy ones from at home), then open up and dump all wet diapers, covers and wet bags into the washer machine, wash it on cold as heavy soil, then do a “quick wash” on hot. Then I hang the covers and wet bags to dry and occasionally put the inserts through another quick hot wash. Then put the inserts in the drier on high for 50 minutes. This is usually at bedtime – my husband tends to finish up the diaper washing as I go to bed early with the kiddo. When I was home with the kid during the day, I’d do the wash in the morning and wear the kiddo while hanging the diapers outside on the line.

    Wow, I’ve written a lot. This is just what worked best for me. Everybody is different, though. Good luck and if you have any questions about diapers or breastfeeding or anything, I’m not shy on answering. 🙂 Congratulations on having a baby boy!


    • Jill thank you so much for all of that information! I hadn’t heard of the Green Mountain brand yet so I will be looking into those. I clicked on their Web site just for a second and saw a penguin diaper, so I already like them!

      Ii will probably be messaging you for more questions over the next few months! I’m going to slowly start building up my stash. I’m hoping I’ll have enough diapers to be able to do an every other day wash. It’d be nice if I only had to do every three days, but I don’t want the cost of the diapers to start making the economically aspect of diapering pointless.

      Thanks again! 🙂


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