Roomba Review Update – a year later.

I received my Roomba a year ago, on Christmas actually. Check out my original review, here.

And I have to say that…

I still love it!

It is still doing a wonderful job of keeping my floors clean. I have not used it nearly as much since I put out Christmas decorations because it was getting caught in my tree skirt and the Christmas lights that Athena kept pulling off of the tree.

I could have tried to fix this problem, or moved an invisible wall there….but I was being a little lazy, completely my fault.

Honestly, it’s been a huge difference this month seeing how messy my floors have been since I haven’t been using the Roomba as much. It definitely makes a difference in my home.

I moved the location of the Roomba base to a far corner of my house, versus where it used to be right in the middle. Since putting it there I feel like it doesn’t quite cover as much area as it used to. I find myself doing a couple more spot cleans than I ever have before. However, I like where the base is when not in use better in thisĀ current spot. This could easily be remedied.

Another issue I sometimes run into is how low my coffee table is. Once it hits the living room and goes under the right spot of the coffee table it gets stuck. Then I come home to find it never finished the cycle and have to restart it. The coffee table never used to be an issue but I feel like maybe the wood settled, lowering the bottom ever so slightly.

It also works great on carpet and big messes. About every two weeks I take it upstairs, open all the doors to the rooms upstairs and let it go. The litter box is in the laundry room upstairs and it does a great job getting up the cat litter that Athena kicks around.

Maintenance wise, I have replaced the brushes/roller once and I change the filter every couple months. Prices for these are super reasonable and I buy them periodically at Bed Bath & Beyond when I have a 20% off coupon.

You can check out Amazon for a ton of reviews and the Roomba Web site for more information, different models and more!

So after a year of use, I still would highly recommend the Roomba. I love the model I have and the job it does.

We actually loved ours so much we bought the Scooba (mopping robot) but then took it back before using it. It seemed like maybe the product wasn’t quite up to the standards we wanted yet. Maybe in a few years!

One thought on “Roomba Review Update – a year later.

  1. I collect my Roomba few months ago, really now i’m just love it, not only me, my family members also pretty used to with Roomba. They become very happy, when Roomba done the dirty job. It is one of the pretty smart robotics item in room cleaning market.

    So, i suggest you guys, just collect Roomba and get a clean house. Really its been awesome, if you use Roomba. For more robotics goods, you can visit this site…


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