40 bags in 40 days Challenge, Week 2 Update


So Week 2 of my 40 bags in 40 days Challenge has pretty much been a disaster, I’m not going to lie. I started off strong, finishing my Thursday and Friday tasks with ease. Then I fizzled out and skipped Saturday – Monday. Part of this was due to a power outage Saturday but the majority was to my lack of motivation and my desire for napping. I’m a napping champion.

So Tuesday was my catch up day, plus Tuesday’s task, leaving me with four tasks to try and accomplish. Luckily two of my tasks were super easy and I had just done them about two months ago, so I just went through and made sure I didn’t miss anything and re-straightened a few things.

That left me with the laundry room my, biggest task of the week. During this challenge I try and deep clean the area while also doing my decluttering.

My laundry room is mostly just unorganized and needs a good scrubbing. But I can’t really reach or get to most things with the whole belly in the way. So this will definitely need another good cleaning in a couple of months. I got a portion of it done yesterday in moving a few things around. With all the new things I’m storing in there (cleaning and washing products for baby clothes and diapers) it mainly needs some reorganizing.

Yesterday I sprayed for ants, swept and straightened up Athena’s litter box supplies. My laundry room doubles as a litter box and kitty food dish room. Today I’ll finish the laundry room by reorganizing the products I store there and the tops of my washer and dryer which have random stuff all over them. So finishing the laundry room is on today’s list.

Also on the list for today (and I already did it!) was cleaning out my purse. I got it all nice and cleaned out, receipts thrown out or organized and tossed some long dead and empty Chapstick containers.

Today’s task is to clean under by bathroom sink in the downstairs half bath. There shouldn’t be much to purge in there since it’s mostly Bath & Body Works supplies that I’m hoarding. But it could definitely use a quick re-straightening.

Next week is simple since I only have a couple tasks since I will be out of town for most of it, I only scheduled three tasks for next week.

Hopefully once I get back from my trip I’ll do much better than I did this week!

How goes your challenge? Are you sailing through it? Having any difficulties?

Check out my original post and first update on the challenge.

Share below and have a great Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “40 bags in 40 days Challenge, Week 2 Update

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  2. Nicely done Kayla!
    I can’t argue with the napping, I’m envious of you there and we all lose motivation now and again. Perhaps you could use naps to your advantage. Make a deal with yourself that you can’t nap until you spend 10 minutes working on your challenge. After the 10 minutes you stop where-ever you are and nap, then return to it when you get up again. That way, you’ll have it started and will likely be more motivated to finish it once you get up again. Or, maybe the 10 minutes could motivate you to finish the whole project before you nap, depending on how large the project is of course.
    My challenge (plant-strong) for a month is going great! I was super organized and had everything prepped for the work-week, so I was in good shape to start. I feel like I have more energy, which is saying a lot considering I work a 12-hour shift for 7 days. I’m usually dragging by day 6. However, I’m feeling like I don’t get enough protein in the morning, so I plan on adding a small pea-based protein drink in the AM. I was having coconut-milk-based yogurt and although it has great nutrients, protein isn’t one of them. So, that’s my update and my plan for improving next week!
    Good luck to you and enjoy the travels!!


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