40 bags in 40 days, Week 5 Update

I’m a day late with this update…oops! After last week’s post I was feeling pretty good, finally getting my re-organizing and decluttering back on track!

This week, week 5 of my 40 bags in 40 days Challenge, hasn’t been quite as productive but I’m still making progress.

I scheduled three days in a row to work on the garage. I mentioned in my post last week that I was ahead by a day after clearing out all our recycling and getting a corner cleaned up. The other two days were a bit of a pipe dream. It’s pretty organized as is. I do have a pile that I’ll either be trying to re-sell or donating, so I left that alone. There’s too much stuff for me to be trying to load it into the truck and carry it into the donation center. I’ll have the hubby help me with that on a different day. 🙂

Other items on this weeks list were to clean up and sort through all of my jewelry. I’m not a big jewelry wearer. I have a couple necklaces I rotate on a daily basis. And a few things that Wes has bought me that I wear or wear for a special occasion. But then I have a ton of items, specifically earrings, that I’ve had since I got my ears pierced around the age of 13. So it was definitely time do some purging!

I also had clearing out books on my list. We’d done this a few months ago so I did a quick look of all my books to see if there was anything else I was ready to let go of.

Finances were scheduled this week as well. This included getting taxes done (which I did last week!) It also including reviewing our bills, budget and setting up a couple financial goals.

The last item for the week was to clean up my coat closet that’s downstairs. We have no use for coats here…and since we’re 95% certain as to where and when we’re moving, I can’t anticipate needing them anytime soon. So I’m taking all those and getting them stored into space bags. I also keep extra dog and pet supplies in there so I will be purging those and cleaning all that up. I’m also keeping some baby stuff in there, like the 25 bibs I’m the proud owner of…since I figure most bibs should be closer to the kitchen?

Once I space bag everything I’ll have a ton of room to store any baby stuff that I’d like to leave downstairs. I meant to do this yesterday…but after I had an ant problem in my kitchen yesterday morning, I suddenly felt the need to scrub my entire kitchen. Which lead to me deep cleaning my bathroom.

So the coat closet is happening today!

My regularly scheduled task for today, to start off this week, was to clean out all the junk in my truck, which is already done! My task for tomorrow is done as well! Looks like I’m off to a great start!

How’s your challenge going? Is your housing looking decluttered?


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