Favorite Baby Products: Stroller and Car Seat

So far we love love love everything about our travel system!

Stroller: W is very active and has to be for the military and my goal is to to run marathon by the time L is 1. We knew we needed a jogging stroller to fit those needs so we looked at the Bob strollers. We picked the Bob Revolution Flex. So far we love it. It’s called Flex because you can easily adjust the handle bar up and down which really helps keep us both comfortable when pushing it since we have a foot difference in height.

Neither one of us has taken it running yet so we still have to test that out. We have taken it on some decent walks and out shopping with us and it is a very smooth push. Braking is easy and turning is a breeze. I feel very safe with him in it. Once we figured out where all the buttons are it is easy to collapse and open up. However it is fairly heavy; 9 weeks post partum from a c-section and I struggle lifting it into our truck. It also does not fit in the cab and has to go in the bed. We purchased a truck cover for items like this and even at the Bob’s collapsed size, it pokes up into the cover.

The Bob also doesn’t come with a snack tray for the baby. We also bought a separate add on that you hook onto the handle bar for cup holders and a place to put phone, keys, etc.

Car seat: We wanted a travel system for the ease of getting L around so once we decided on the Bob it really narrowed down car seat options. We decided to go with the Britax B Safe. With this car seat we had to buy an adapter to be able to hook the car seat into the stroller so with that it works great! It’s easy to take in and out of the stroller.

I really like the car seat itself. It’s not too terribly heavy, it’s a good fit for him and it fits nicely in our truck. We have to put him in the middle seat due to air bags on the sides of the cab so with me only being 5’2″ it’s definitely hard for me to get him in and out but that’s not the car seats fault. Snapping him into the base is really easy. And you can hear the audible click when you get him secure.

There is a release system at the front of the seat that allows you to loosen the straps to make getting baby in and out easier. Then you pull the strap to tighten. I definitely struggle with this part and it seems like his shoulders get very tight while the lower part remains loose. Again I feel this is user error because W doesn’t have the same trouble I do.

One issue I have with the car seat is that is not compatible with many products outside of Britax or Bob. Since we are moving we wanted to send our stroller ahead and get a cheap universal one to use in the meantime, but I couldn’t find anything reasonable that the B Safe worked with. The Snap N Go seems to work with some Britax products but not the B Safe. Since I was busy with L and the move I did not do a ton of research on this, but what I did read indicated that it was not very compatible with anything else I also did not have time to go to a store and test anything out.

Here’s what our Bob and Britax B Safe look like together:

Bob Stroller and Britax B Safe car seat

So far, that’s how I feel about these products, we’ll see how his growth and my ability to run add to this later!

Hope you find this helpful!


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