Keeping up with a small baby is exhausting….

Well we moved to California and are finally settling in. W is back and work so it’s just me and the dude all day.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come. Before I was so frustrated and apprehensive and not confident in myself that we stayed at home. I didn’t want to deal with nursing, the car, the crying, making sure I had all the stuff, etc.

Now we are doing so much better and I’m steadily becoming more and more confident in myself as a mom and at least being able to run an errand and take care of him.

Nursing has been the biggest challenge we have had, but that is for another post I’m working on.

Now that W is back at work, it’s been different after having him home for a month. But we’ve managed to survive and not burn the house down. I’ve even been able to do a little laundry and cook dinner almost every night. All other cleaning has gone out the window since someone is a terrible napper.

We also had some small wins this week. L loves to go out and explore so I made sure we went out every day this week. Wednesday we went out for groceries and after parking realized I was starving and never going to make it through the store without lunch. So we had our first lunch date out just the two of us and he did great! I put him in the Beco for the grocery trip and he took a nap and was happy as a clam.

Yesterday we stretched our legs at the exchange just to get out and again – nap in the Beco!

Today was our biggest adventure as we went to Michael’s to look for some crafty supplies. He did great in the car ride there, fell asleep even! Then we Beco’d and he napped while I poked around. (yay for being near a craft store again!)

The ride home was awful — but I’d say the rest was a win.

It’s crazy to me that I think running one single errand and leaving the house for an hour or two at a time is an accomplishment…but for us, it really is!

Parenting is starting to become a bit more what I had thought it would be like, cruising along with my blue-eyed tiny side kick!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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