It’s the little things…

I had a mom win today. Finally!

Parenthood is so much harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been a good multi-tasker, but when it comes to doing basic things while keeping a tiny human alive, I’m not so great.

So now that L is a little older we’ve been putting him in this doorway jumper for the last few weeks and he loves it.

W got home from work early last night (gasp) so we had dinner, played with the boy, caught up on some Shield and by the time I got L down for bed I was exhausted….so my usual night shower didn’t happen.

This morning I told myself I was going to just give a shot because I really needed to get in a shower before we went out for the day.

So I plopped the cutie into the jumper where I could see him the whole time and it was AMAZING. I got to shower, he got to play safely and all was well in the world.


W called me at lunch to ask me something and when I told him how excited I was he laughed and asked why I hadn’t been doing this for the last few weeks. Apparently this idea had already occurred to him.

Oh well, I got to shower on a weekday when it was light out for the first time in months.



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