Bachelor Premiere -Pt 1

Because it’s raining outside, my kid is sick and I’m not watching with my friends… Here is my Bachelor Ramblings.

Am I the only one who isn’t gaga over Ben?

Lauren the flight attendant- the beach is my happy place too! #yourfriendsareweird I like her dress – the wings are cute, cheesy but cute.

Caila- that is a terrible way to spell a great name. Really terrible. And she’s seems a little crazy…please rep that name well. At least she wore sparkles.

Jubilee? Too much military focus-I blame the producers. Pick up lines…not sold.

Mandi – crazy eyes. That’s all I have to say. Flower is creepy. She’s creepy. Pollinate. Yikes.

Twins….. Ratings anyone? But their dresses were fab.

Amanda – Her kids are super cute!

Tiara – chicken enthusiast? Ummmm. Kay. Someone should introduce her to Chris……Disneyland reference at least. She was less crazy than her intro.

Sam – I like her white swimsuit cover. And yay for passing the BAR! Legal briefs haha.

Jennifer – Ben & Jen – over played.

Jami – Knows Kaitlyn? And that was aca-awkward.

Lace – odd name. First kiss…meh. Judging people. Clearly I can’t say anything haha.

Lauren R – creeper. Stay off social media. And no name.

Shushana – hahaha.

Leah – love the dress – not the hike.

Jojo- unicorn head was real creepy.

Lauren H – bouquet was kinda cute.

Laura – ginger power!!! Love the dress!

Maegan – I like her pony!

Breanne – gluten is satan. I can’t even.

Izzy – onesie. No. Just no.

Rachel – undecided on the dress.

….Lace is a mess.

Jessica – like the dress!

Lauren LB – pink! And my goodness so many Lauren’s.

Jackie- save the date…. Huh.

Olivia – love the sparkles!!!! I drew on the dimple hahahaha

I love that he called his parents! Cute. Staged maybe? But cute.


Second half will be in another post since I’m rambling about nothing right now.

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