The Ultimate Sticker Book Hack

Sticker books are amazing and some of my very favorite books. They can be entertaining, exciting, teach concepts and ideas in a fun way and so much more. But they can be a little frustrating for some younger bookworms, so check out my ultimate sticker book hack below.

Sticker books are great for keeping little hands busy, especially when you need to get something done, like make dinner, or a phone call, drink some hot coffee.

But sometimes it can get a little frustrating when you have a little one who is not quite ready to do a sticker book on their own. 

If you have a little one who has difficulty, check out these three quick tips:

Tip #1: Pull out the sticker page

Many stickers books come with a perforation on the sticker pages. You can pull out these pages and take the page out completely so your child isn’t having to flip back and forth between the sticker page and the page they are working on. It helps them keep the page they’re working on open, so they aren’t losing their place and getting frustrated.

Tip #2: Pull off the backing of the sticker sheet

Grab the corner of the backing on the sticker sheet and peel it off. You might be able to grab it all in one go, or might have to take it off in a couple of pieces.This makes it SO much easier for your child to be able to take the stickers off by themselves, they can essentially pinch the paper and go!

Tip #3: A little bit of water…

Have you purchased one of these reusable sticker books? If yes, you won’t want to miss this tip!

Isn’t it the worst when your child is trying to do stickers, but drops it somewhere, even if it’s sparkly clean, that just HAPPENS to have some pet fur or other substance that renders a sticker useless? These books make that a non-issue!

If you’re not familiar with these books yet, they are made out of thick plastic and are extremely durable. These can actually be washed with water and a dab of soap if you need to add some. I usually dry mine with a paper towel, or something that won’t “fuzz.”

Curious about these titles? You can learn more about them here.

Do you have your own sticker book or parenting hack? I’d love to hear about it!

For more tips, tricks, and ideas, head over to my community. We share reading and parenting hacks and tips, have a serious love for mom memes, Harry Potter, books and more!

Happy Stickering,



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