Favorite Family Outdoor Fall Activities

I’m looking forward to nicer weather soon, so we’re going to be getting outside as much as we can! Here are some great ideas of things you can do for fun outside!

1. Picnic: Take some of your favorite snacks, portable fruit, and some sandwiches. This can totally make a normal at-home lunch or dinner super extra special! Heading out to some open area, park, or on a nature walk? You can also grab some easy-to-pack games, sports balls, and bubbles and enjoy some extra fun in the sun to go with your picnic!

2. Obstacle Course: Grab some chalk and create an obstacle course on the sidewalk or driveway (be safe of course!). We added hopscotch, places to spin, run, jump, frog jumps and so much more snaking through our driveway!

3. Take a Walk: Do you have a local trail near you? Check it out and find someplace to head or just meander (again be safe near cars!) down your own street. My kids are the slowest walkers ever because they’re too busy checking out different trees, bushes, fire hydrants and everything they come across.

4. Pumpkin patches, apple picking and more family fairs; These are so fun – there are so many different places open this time of year. With lovely weather, a unique and seasonal activity, it’s the perfect combo!

5. Scavenger Hunt: There are all kinds of fun printables online!

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities to do with kids? I’d love to hear about it! Come share them in our online community where you’ll find tons of fun ideas to do at home, and outdoors with your family!

Happy playtime,



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