PaperPie Day

Not only is it Pi Day for 3.14 but here at PaperPie, it’s PaperPie Day. And our amazing home office came out with 2 amazing specials I don’t want anyone to miss out on!

First – and omg amazing is the ability to activate your own PaperPie account for $3.14 TODAY ONLY! I have never ever seen this before and I’m not sure we will again. Message me if you have questions, but this is too good to be true. At a minimum, you get $20 in product credit to go along with it! What a DEAL!

If you have questions, shoot me a message here!
And to activate your own kit today, head here for this limited deal!


-For less than a cup of coffee, you get access to amazing products

-$20 product credit

-Access to exclusive mini books

-Ability to earn free products, swag and so much more!

The next awesome deal is shipping $3.14 on ALL orders $60+! You can shop here! And while you’re at it, don’t forget that there are Easter bundles available now! You can get majorly discounted shipping while filling up those Easter baskets. Check out those bundles here!

Happy Reading,



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