After waiting five months and six days (159 total days) my love finally returned to me.

And it was amazing.

We have been together about nine and a half years, and for 7.5 of those years, he has been a United States Marine.

I have been with him since he has been in service and this was the first time we went through a deployment. The longest we’d been apart previously was 13 weeks, so this was nearly double that.

And while we are used to being a part, we have done long distance for nearly our entire relationship.

We began dating in April of our junior year of high school (2004). In December In January 2005 he moved after completing all requirements for high school, and that’s when the long distance started.

But these five months of separation was definitely something different for us. And I’m so glad he is home!!!

While I’m lucky he wasn’t in danger, and I’m lucky we don’t have children….taking care of three pets, myself, maintaining a social life, working and keeping my head up is hard.

But this past Thursday, he came home! I’d never been to a military homecoming, well one when I was little but I don’t remember it….

And Thursday was a day to remember. After about a three hour delay the buses rolled up, the Marines piled out of the buses.

And there he was!


After months of waiting, I had my love back!

In preparation for his Homecoming my amazing friend Miranda supervised me into making him a sign.


It was a great day.

Roxy was thrilled to have him home. You can see her reaction here.

We’ve gotten to spend the entire weekend together, and I was shocked at how normal it is. We just got to pick up where we left off.

I could not have asked for a better last three days! ❤