Big Game Commercial Bingo

Print these sheets off to play Commercial Bingo during the big game with your friends, family, kids, whoever!

Find them here!1.png


Review of Hello Fresh

Lately we have been intrigued by some of these monthly meal subscription boxes but we weren’t sure if we’d like them. The perk is that you don’t have to decide what to make, you have the ingredients delivered to your door and the recipe comes with it. We have hesitated in trying one out, mostly due to the price. However, a friend of mine had a code for us to test out a box for free with Hello Fresh.

The box I picked was the Classic Box for 2 people, for 4 meals so I paid a total of $4.95.

We received our box on Saturday with 4 meals in boxes. Each meal was boxed separately, meats packaged separately and a recipe booklet.


The first meal we made (suggested by the booklet) was a Citrus Skillet Shrimp recipe. I do not eat any seafood so I was pretty disappointed to see this come as a recipe.  The potatoes that were the side dish were really tasty. The veggie combo was comprised of mostly red onion and poblano pepper. I took a bit of that and put it to the side so I could test it before adding the shrimp. While not something I world ordinarily make, it was interesting and tasted OK. I can’t speak to the shrimp but my husband seemed to like it well enough.


Pan-Roasted Chicken was our second meal of the week. Chicken breasts on a bed of brown rice with a mushroom sauce. No veggie in this meal. I am not a big fan of mustard and this recipe had a bit of dijon mustard in it but it was surprisingly tasty. I would make this again. A fresh package of thyme came in the box and I probably spent 20 minutes trying to separate the leaves from the stalk. Cooking time wasn’t too long and overall a very yummy dish!


Next up was Seared Steak with spring Veggie Succotash and Mint-Chive Pesto. I love steak so I was curious about this recipe. I’ve heard of succotash but never had it. I looked over the ingredients for this one and was pretty bummed out as it included peas, asparagus and zucchini – I’m not a fan of any of that but I was open-minded and gave it a shot anyways. The steak was cut very unevenly so it took forever to cook the inside while the outside was bordering on blackened versus seared. As a breastfeeding mama I have been staying away from mint so my Mint-Chive Pesto was lacking (I only put in 4 mint leaves!) but it was absolutely delicious. I even liked the zucchini, onions, asparagus and pea succotash, I was surprised! Overall another very tasty meal, saving this recipe also!


The fourth and final meal was a vegetarian dish, Jamie’s Easy-Peasy. I was not a fan of this meal and neither was my husband. Weird aftertaste. Just not our favorite whatsoever.

Overall some of the meals were tasty, I would definitely make the chicken and steak dishes again! It was nice to have the recipe and ingredients put right in front of me and all I had to do was click a button!

Unfortunately the price is a bit much. 4 meals for my husband and I every week would cost us $84.90/week. That’s just over $10.50 a meal for each of us. If it were closer to $5 a meal for each of us I would think it much more reasonable. The portion sizes were small compared to what I’m used to cooking. I usually double our portions so we have leftovers for lunch the next day. We had no leftovers except for the last meal, which was the vegetarian pasta dish.

The other major downside of these meals was the amount of chopping and prep-work involved. I didn’t anticipate that much work for meals that were delivered to me. I’m not sure what exactly I expected for preparation, but I didn’t expect to spend 20 minutes chopping and mincing. The cooking time wasn’t much but the mis en place was lengthy.

Definitely a good try if you can get a discount or discount code from some one!


Panthers are NFC Champs

Because my husband is a HUGE Carolina fan, congrats to them for making it to the Superbowl!

As much as I love my team, I have watched more Panthers than the Saints this year. Mostly because I’m way too busy with a baby to sit still for that long – and my husband is a crazy fan. Crazier than I am anyways.

So he’s dominated the TV a bit and L has dominated my time.

The Panthers are a blast to watch.

I hope this year is their year, they deserve it after the smack-down against the Cardinals and a half-smack down on the Hawks.

Go Carolina and congratulations.


PS LUKE KUECHLY —- please be a Saint in the near future!!!

Bachelor Premiere Pt 2

Crazy flower girl steals him before he finishes talking. And does a dental exam. He was a good sport. Please send her home.
News anchor – I hope you don’t get sent home on day 1 after leaving a great job.

Twins – too young.

House flipper – that’s cool.

Soooo why couldn’t Amber and Becca come in like everyone else? Why make it such a big deal?

I love Becca by the way. What is with this Lace chick?

Ben’s face when he saw her.

His talk with Lace was strange.

But Lace and Mandi are both nutso.

But his second chat was classy. Good job Ben but she’s crazy.

I don’t know which girl this is but the moral value chat was probably right up his alley.

First Impression to Olivia meh – not über impressed personally.

Lace is just too much.

Rose Ceremony 🌹

28 women, goon on you Ben. I’m curious if they can remember everyon’s name or if they have help.

I’m sad we didn’t get to see his one on one with the Russian gal. Does she speak any English?  He kept her so….Kay.

Lace is so obsessed with Becca. Girl. Get it together.

He kept Mandi???? Shocked.

Final rose to …… Lace. Why Ben? Why?

Poor ginger. And no name stalker. And gluten girl.

So 4 went home? Maybe?

Is Lace chastising him for not looking at her? Girl. Get it together. Dude send her home!!

That is all for now. Trashy TV, rainy day and baby snuggles.

Happy Tuesday everyone!