Halloween Books from Usborne Books & More

I love fall! And I love the Halloween books from Usborne Books & More! My kids adore them and they are so much fun. From baby books, activity books, vampire chapter books and more, you’ll find the perfect Halloween title for any kid in your life! Also, grab a FREE Halloween activity pack here!

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What’s new? Usborne Books & More has lots of brand new Halloween titles this year!

New titles from Usborne Books & More for Halloween

Check out some great returning fun Halloween titles below!

Re-released last year, was Pop-Up Haunted House! This enchanting title is full of huge pop-ups and spooky scenes that will delight your children!

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Chapter books Polly and Buster (ages 7-10) and Vlad, the World’s Worst Vampire (ages 6-9) Billy and the Mini Monsters Halloween Party (6+) are perfect chapter books for this time of year (OK, really any time of the year!). 

Dracula is one of our graphic novel books, recommended for our readers 10+.

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For some fantastic activity books to keep hands busy. If your kiddo loves sticker books, check out Build Your Own MonsterLittle Sticker Dolly Dressing Halloween and Sticker Dolly Dressing Halloween.

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From the inside of Build You Own Monster where you can Build 18 of the biggest, baddest, most terrifying monsters from the land of Ravenhold. Find the right stickers and fit them in place to complete your collection. 

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Little Children’s Halloween Activity Book full of mazes, matching, counting, search and finds and more! (Ages 4+) This title is scheduled to be in stock in mid-August. Click here to be notified of its return

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Color & Pop-Up Monsters where kids can cut out and color pages to make their own pop-up book.

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Halloween Magic Painting is a no-mess water-based painting book. With fun scenes, adorable pumpkins and witches and more, this book provides tons of fun to little painters! Give them just a bit of water and let them go! This year, for your younger pumpkins, check out First Magic Painting Halloween! These images are simpler, have great contrast and are great for 2+ to practice some early motor skills with fun cute themed pictures.

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From touch and feel baby books, to activity books for young children all the way up to chapter books and mysteries for older readers, our Halloween titles have you covered!

The Usborne phonics series are full of fun and silly stories, rhyming words and help work on phonetics and building reading skills for new and developing readers. Trick or Treat Parakeet and Spider Queen’s Halloween are great Halloween phonics readers!

For our littlest readers, That’s Not My BatThat’s Not My Witch and That’s Not My Monster are from our touch and feel series, That’s Not My books! These beloved books are awesome for young children and have a little mouse to point out on each page, plus areas of texture to talk about! 

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Are You There Little Bat is an adorable book with finger trails and die-cuts to look for the little bat! Poppy and Sam’s Halloween Party is another adorable book for our little readers! This peek through book takes readers along Poppy and Sam getting ready for Halloween and looking for their dog Rusy! With other animals to look for, fingertrails and more it’s just too cute! 

Wipe-Clean Halloween Activities and Little Coloring Halloween are adorable and perfect for the 3+ crowd! 

Another interactive book is Muddle and Match Monsters! This mix and match book lets you create funny stories and faces for these monsters!

School of Monsters is a brand new adorable series perfect for early readers!

Billy and the Mini Monsters

These are great for any time, but Billy is a boy who finds 5 mini monsters living in his sock drawer! This 11 book series follows Billy and his monsters through tons of adventures. This series is amazing because Billy is often fearful but finds his bravery. 

Halloween titles usually go out of stock quickly, so get yours today!

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Rainbow Magic with Usborne Books & More

We live in a world full of beautiful colors! Let’s explore them all with some rainbow magic!

Rainbows are so beautiful and are a great chance to talk about colors, color mix and all the beautiful colors of the world.

Here are some fabulous rainbow books from Usborne Books & More.

Check out these unicorn and rainbow books:

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Stained Glass Unicorns

Grab your favorite felt markers, and color on these lovely transparent pages. Hang in the window and present them proudly when you’re done! Make sure you tag me on IG @spillsspellsstories so I can see these masterpieces. Love the idea of stained glass? Check out more here!

Unicorns Don’t Love Rainbows

Wait…I thought unicorns and rainbows go together like peanut butter and jelly! Well, apparently rainbows aren’t for everyone. Check out this adorable picture book about how not all unicorns love things glittery and sparkly!

Check out more unicorn-themed books here

Paint me a rainbow….

I can see a rainbow, see a rainbow too! My aunt used to sing me that song all the time and I adore it! I also enjoy these rainbow-themed, and rainbow-covered books!

Hello, Baby! Rainbow Colors

This is a great book for a new baby, teething baby etc. It’s a cloth book with a hard handle perfect chewing on, shaking and playing with!

See A Rainbow

See A Rainbow is a great board book for little hands. Talk about early colors, and the corner is made just for little fingers to have an easy time flipping the thick pages by themselves!

How Do You Make a Rainbow?

This sweet little book takes you on a journey on a dreary gra day, turned colorful and fun and fun with grandpa!

Little Stickers Rainbows

Keep those little fingers busy with this adorable sticker book! Filled with color and happiness, this will keep your child engaged while you enjoy some hot coffee! See my ultimate sticker book hack HERE to make it even easier!

Rainbows Magic Painting Book

My favorite series, the magic painting series! Grab a little bit of water and go to town (or to the sky) with this beautiful book! There are 16 different scenes to paint and enjoy! Comes with a paintbrush, so all you need is a tiny bit of water. New to Magic Painting books? See one in action here!

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Let’s Talk Colors….

Learning colors is one of those rights of passage, just like starting to name letters numbers and shapes! Here are some fabulous color-related books from newborn on up!

Usborne Fold-Out Colors

I love these books for newborns. They are great for tummy time as they open up and can stand on end giving baby a big view of all kinds of fun! Check this out for more info on our tummy time books! (They make great gifts for new and expecting families!)

Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Colors Play Book

Recommended for infants and up, this book is full of small flaps and finger trails to let baby discover beautiful colors!

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Nibbles Colors

Everyone’s favorite book monster is now eating his way through….colors!

Bring some giggles and some beauty together in this cute and fun board book, perfect for kiddos 1-3!

Colors Book & Jigsaw Puzzle

You can’t go wrong with this combo. A 25 piece puzzle loaded with color and beautiful illustration is perfect for kiddos 3+. Combine it with the corresponding color book and you’ve got a great way to help develop comprehension and recognition skills.

The Big Book of Colors

This is one of my favorite books for pre-school on up! I am using it will all 3 of my kiddos who range from a brand new 3-year-old to a preschooler and a first-grader, and they all get something out of it.

It covers SO many colors, shades and varieties there is something for everyone to learn from primary colors to more complex colors. They also love utilizing the color wheel and that transparent sheet in the back that shows different color combinations! This book is a sure winner!

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I love to share different activities over in my VIP community, I share new titles, fun at home activities (like color mixing and rainbow jello!) I’d love to hear about any fun projects you’ve done at home with your kiddos or in your classroom lately, message me so we can swap ideas!

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The Ultimate Sticker Book Hack

Sticker books are amazing and some of my very favorite books. They can be entertaining, exciting, teach concepts and ideas in a fun way and so much more. But they can be a little frustrating for some younger bookworms, so check out my ultimate sticker book hack below.

Sticker books are great for keeping little hands busy, especially when you need to get something done, like make dinner, or a phone call, drink some hot coffee.

But sometimes it can get a little frustrating when you have a little one who is not quite ready to do a sticker book on their own. 

If you have a little one who has difficulty, check out these three quick tips:

Tip #1: Pull out the sticker page

Many stickers books come with a perforation on the sticker pages. You can pull out these pages and take the page out completely so your child isn’t having to flip back and forth between the sticker page and the page they are working on. It helps them keep the page they’re working on open, so they aren’t losing their place and getting frustrated.

Tip #2: Pull off the backing of the sticker sheet

Grab the corner of the backing on the sticker sheet and peel it off. You might be able to grab it all in one go, or might have to take it off in a couple of pieces.This makes it SO much easier for your child to be able to take the stickers off by themselves, they can essentially pinch the paper and go!

Tip #3: A little bit of water…

Have you purchased one of these reusable sticker books? If yes, you won’t want to miss this tip!

Isn’t it the worst when your child is trying to do stickers, but drops it somewhere, even if it’s sparkly clean, that just HAPPENS to have some pet fur or other substance that renders a sticker useless? These books make that a non-issue!

If you’re not familiar with these books yet, they are made out of thick plastic and are extremely durable. These can actually be washed with water and a dab of soap if you need to add some. I usually dry mine with a paper towel, or something that won’t “fuzz.”

Curious about these titles? You can learn more about them here.

Do you have your own sticker book or parenting hack? I’d love to hear about it!

For more tips, tricks, and ideas, head over to my community. We share reading and parenting hacks and tips, have a serious love for mom memes, Harry Potter, books and more!

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Graphic Novels from Usborne Books & More

Graphic Novels from Usborne Books & More are beautifully illustrated captivating and engaging stories.

Why are graphic novels great and why should you let your child read them? Check out more about graphic novels and some big impacts they can have here!

Usborne Books & More offers a variety of graphic novels.

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The Graphic Stories series takes many well-known books and turns them into a graphic novel from Macbeth by Shakespeare, Greek MythsThe Three Musketeers, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and more!

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The graphic stories series has 12 different books, sold separately or in a collection. The books are slightly smaller than a piece of paper and are about 100 pages each. This series is recommended for ages 10+.

For some of our younger readers, we have several fantastic titles that are also graphic novel style. 

Check out Scurvy Dogs and Scurvy Dogs and the Dinosaur Boneyard. These two books, while just under 100 pages are sure to delight in these epic and silly swashbuckling tales. 

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Another fun series is The Mysterious World of Cosentino. This 4 book series is about a magician named Cosentino, full of lively characters plus mystery and mayhem. The pages are so fun with pops of color!

Cosentino is just under 200 pages and recommended for readers 7+.

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One last series we can’t forget is Billy and the Mini Monsters. This adorable series is full of fun and intrigue when a little boy (Billy) realizes that 5 monsters live in his sock drawer. These books combined chapters and comic style in this adorable series, recommended ages 6+. While charming and entertaining Billy and the Mini Monsters help to normalize bedtime, night time and fear of monsters! 

There are currently 10 books in this series, sold separately or in a collection, and they do not need to be read in order. The first in the series, which introduces Billy and the Monsters is Monsters in the Dark.

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Why Should I Let My Child Read Graphic Novels?

Graphic novels are a fantastic choice of book that might be often overlooked!

First, it might be good to clarify exactly what a graphic novel is.

Merriam-Webster states that a graphic novel is “a story that is presented in comic-strip format and published as a book.

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Next, why are graphic novels good choices for reading?

  • Graphic Novels are very engaging and fast-paced.
  • Can keep a reluctant reader engaged and interested
  • A graphic novel can be created from a much more advanced text to make it easily consumable like a Shakespeare tragedy turned graphic novel. 
  • The illustrations help to reinforce the text and concepts in the story.
  • Helps build vocabulary with high-quality language. While there is less room for text in a graphic novel, words are chosen to make the biggest impact. 
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To see some of my favorite graphic novels for kids, check out these great books from Usborne Books & More.

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