Moving – baby edition

This is how we’re surviving in an empty house with a newborn.

We are in the process of moving to California (yay PCSing).

So if you are keeping score, c-section, newborn and moving nearly all at once! Yikes.

The movers picked up our furniture early so it will meet us in California. Meaning we had to sort what we needed to keep for us, the pets and L who wasn’t quite yet 2 months yet. He will be just over 3 months when we fly back to the mainland.

We are allowed 2 suitcases each but I managed to fit most of L’s things in a carry on sized suitcase with a few exceptions.

Here’s what fits in his bag:

  • 3 swaddles
  • About 5 newborn outfits (he was wearing that size when I packed)
  • 5 0-3 month outfits
  • 2 3 month outfits
  • 2 outfits in different sizes for the plane
  • 4 swaddle blankets
  • About 8 receiving blankets (he spits up a lot and I’m not doing laundry everyday).
  • Rattle
  • A couple other toys
  • Wash cloths, 2 towels and travel size baby wash
  • Baby first aid/grooming kit
  • Baby monitor
  • two books so we could read to him


We also kept all our cloth diapers, cloth wipes, changing mats and wet bags. We have enough where we can wash diapers every 3 days. I still have room in his suitcase to fit some of this.

Other items we kept that don’t fit in his suitcase.

  • Pack N Play
  • Stroller
  • Car seat and base
  • Diaper bag
  • Beco
  • Pump, a couple bottles, storage bags and brush
  • Boppy

I know it seems like a lot but we have used all of it. We also borrowed a swing from a friend.

We found a used rocking chair on base we bought soil handsome place to sit for late night nursing sessions.

The one thing we have missed the most is the diaper change station part of the Pack N Play  and the caddy that attaches to the side. Instead we have a mat and our supplies on the floor.

I also miss having a baby bath tub. Our sinks are not conducive to bathing him in one of them without an additional vessel.

So right or wrong, that’s how we’re surviving with a newborn in an empty house!



Decisions, decisions

Who knew there were so many little things you had to put so much thought into when you get pregnant? Honestly, I didn’t!

First there are things like names, and cloth diapering and breast feeding.

Then you get into all the other aspects, like jogging strollers versus standard versus travel systems. Then there is the car seat, the crib, the mattress, pumps, bottles, nipples and so much more!

If someone can please explain to me how I am suppose to know what type of mattress or bottle or nipple my son would like, I would love that clarification. And it isn’t like there are like one or two options to choose from. There are dozens. I went to register at Babies R Us and I think my head nearly exploded.

Here are some things off our list that we have tackled and we finally made some decisions on!

The first one was a crib. We happened to get really lucky and right after Wes got home from nine weeks of training and we checked out some and lo and behold, there was a crib someone was selling! So we did some serious Googling and research and picked this gem up for about 1/6th of the price.  Note, for anyone who is about to yell at me this is NOT a drop gate crib — just so we’re all clear!

Eventually Wes and I made our way to Babies R Us….poor Wes. He had never been in that store before and it is highly unlikely he will ever return to it. But we made it and played with strollers and car seats. We did a lot more research and decided that a jogging stroller would be best for us. With his job, obviously he has to work out a lot. And my goal in life (very short term here) is within 12 months of meeting little guy, to run a half marathon. So we picked the Bob Revolution Flex stroller.

We picked this one because it is one of the highest rated stroller brands. We specifically decided on the Flex because it had all the capabilities we were looking for. PLUS the handle bar adjusts up and down a bit so that should make up the foot of height difference between Wes and I to make running comfortable for us both. Win win! Our stroller was actually delivered two weeks ago (thanks Mom!!). It is currently sitting in a big box waiting for me to open…which Athena is happy about because she has a new place to lay.

After we had the stroller picked out, it definitely narrowed down our choices in car seats because I wanted one that was compatible with the Bob, see a chart here if you are interested! But having the ability to pull out baby’s car seat and plop it onto my stroller was a huge must for me. So again, we did lots of research and comparisons and have picked out the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat.

While I was highly confident on our stroller choice, I’m not as confident in the car seat. Having to choose an infant one, or one that will last as long as your child needs was a bit overwhelming. I can barely think a few weeks ahead, let alone what it’s going to be like to have a 5-year old. But hopefully this is the right choice and we will love it! The Britax works with an adapter from Bob that allows the car seat to be snapped into the stroller for ease of moving around. This way I don’t have to wake him up each time we get in and out of the car.

As seen in my post last week, I finally decided that I was indeed set on cloth diapering. I have not yet figured out if we will start at the beginning or wait a week or two before using the cloth diapers, I still have some researching in that area to do. I picked up some pre-folds and snappis today, just need a couple covers but with these I can start cloth diapering right from the beginning.

Another thing I knew I wanted to do was to take weekly pictures with a chalk board. I already did a separate post with all of my pictures up to this point. It’s been neat to mark off each with with something commemorative. I’ve also been keeping a little pregnancy journal From Pea to Pumpkin which has been fun. It asks a different question about how I’m feeling physically or about pregnancy in general and gives me space to write thoughts and important things to baby.