My mother just nearly gave me a heart attack….

She called me. And mind you I’m three hours ahead of her, so it’s just after 10 p.m. my time.

Mom: (enthusiastically) Are you watching your boys???

Me: (confused) ummm….no?

Mom: Why not?!?!?!

Me: Are they even playing?

Mom: Yes! They’re playing the Lions…it’s almost over…..

Now I’m bewildered because I assume she’s talking about the Kings – now I’m really lost…..

Me: The Saints?

Mom: Yes, the Saints, and there’s only six minutes left.

Me: No! They don’t play until Saturday….I know this because I’m going to miss most of the game because I have to work and I’m pissed.

Mom: No seriously, they’re playing now…..

Me: Are you sure it’s not a replay? What channel are you watching? Is the score roughly 31-17? Because I think this has already happened.

Mom: The NFL channel. No, it’s on right now, you’re missing it.

So my darling husband hears my panic that I just might possibly be wrong and actually did miss the game so he turns it on to see that yes, it is on, but it also says it aired 12/4/11. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

Then she continues with her madness….

Mom: So did you see who the Kings hired as their new coach?

Me: Not yet, who?

Mom: Phil Jackson.

Me: (horrified, terrible silence) Uhhhh you’re joking right?

Mom: No, they announced it today.

Me: No. You can’t be serious.

Mom: Hahaha. No, you’re right. They said Coach Smart is going to take over head coaching duties.

Me: That was just mean.

Mom: (still laughing) Yeah, your dad just said that was pretty mean of me too.

Sigh. Thanks for the near heart attack mom. Love you too.