My ode to Cinderella

So I went and saw the live-action Cinderella on opening day with some of my awesome friends, and I feel now it’s time to share my thoughts.

Opening night of Cinderella!

Opening night of Cinderella!

I flat out loved it.There is nothing I don’t love about this movie except that I can’t instantly rewatch it.

The costumes were amazing. The make up was incredible. And Disney really did a good job in doing a remake of their original film while still encompassing so much more. Check out this link about how this Cinderella was modernized a bit. This sums up a lot that I didn’t want to touch on because this would have gone on FOREVER.

The CGI mice were absolutely adorable.

Lily James made a wonderful Cinderella, even though I will forever have an issue with someone who has eyebrows and hair that don’t match, that’s besides the point.

She was sweet and charming and I really felt for her. The definitely dipped into her parents story and relationship, versus it being glossed over in the 1950’s version.

Cate Blanchett was truly wicked as the evil stepmother, Lady Tremaine. She deserves and award because she was absolutely ferocious. And she looked fabulous while doing it.

The step sisters (Sophie McShera and Holliday Graingerwere evil tittering morons and did a great job of being obnoxious.

Then, there was Richard Madden. Sigh. He was lovely, and beautiful. And had some of the most magnificent blue eyes I have ever seen. If you have ever seen my husband…he has the best blue eyes ever and I am a total sucker for blue eyes. But he made a great prince. Plus I love Game of Thrones so I was probably going to be sold on him anyways. Come back Robb Stark, come back!

Some other smaller roles that they totally nailed was the Fairy Godmother played by (gasp!) Helena Bonham Carter (aka Bellatrix Lestrange). When I found out they cast her I was beside myself. I will NEVER see her as anything besides Bellatrix…even though she was incredible in Les Mis, I struggled the entire movie. She is Bellatrix. And that right there makes me want to punch her. But I tried my best to put that aside the whole time she was on screen. It was worth it. She was quirky and fun and her make up was phenomenal. She definitely brought some comedy and lightheartedness to things.

Another addition I loved was the role of the Captain played by Nonso Anozie. He’s been in a few things but I recognized him from Game of Thrones. He was great as the Captain and reminded me of a fierce but kind teddy bear, and I really felt like he needed a hug. I love that they made changes to allow different races and nationalities a place in this fairy tale kingdom, I thought that was a great change made by Disney.

And the last actor I’d like to discuss was the Grand Duke. It bothered me the ENTIRE movie because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who he was. It drove me nuts. But right after it was over, it finally clicked. The Grand Duke is played by Stellan Skarsgård who is in Thor, Marvel and Pirates of the Caribbean. He was conniving and controlling and did it so well!

Besides the cast was the movie itself. It looked absolutely incredible on screen. And they definitely tipped their hats to the 1950’s version. There’s a moment where James gives a brief nod to the Sing Sweet Nightingale song which was a great little edition that, as a big Cinderella fan, was nice to hear just for a moment.

Some changes I thought were interesting, like the use of lizards as the footmen. I thought that was a bit odd but I rolled with it. I had hoped for a bit more singing and was a little disappointed. At the end James does sing, but it’s not one of the original songs. It was nothing I recognized except something that was used earlier in the film. I had hoped for a rendition of A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, or So This Is Love. Can Richard Madden sing? Not sure, but it would have definitely made my day if one of those had appeared.

I did see this post on Facebook by the Cinderella official Facebook page today, which has James singing A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. Enjoy!

Let’s talk about the costumes. The Cinderella ball dress was outstanding. I’m not so sure about the butterflies, but I still loved it.

2015dress 1950dress



I’ll add as a side note that Cinderella is my all time favorite Disney movie. I’m a little obsessed. And I think I totally have my own Prince Charming. But let’s do a little throw back to my high school prom dress that the hubby hated. Resemblance anyone?!

High School Prom, 2005

High School Prom, 2005

If I could fit into that dress now, and combine it with his very sexy Dress Blues, we’re totally be a spitting image of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Rah.


Anyways back to the topic here….let’s take a look at Lady Tremaine and step sisters…


And finally the Fairy Godmother herself.

I could go on for so much longer about this movie but — go see it for yourself! I will be buying this as soon as it comes out and honestly I will probably go see it again when it comes out at the theater on base.

Have you seen it yet? Will you? Why or why not? Share your Cinderella thoughts below. Or share your thoughts on something else you’ve seen recently!