Disneyland’s AP Days

We live close enough to Disney land that I don’t mind doing the drive by myself with the munchkin and plus, we love Disney! It helps that the kiddo is free until 3! So in December we purchased Annual Passes to Disneyland.

As an event in February, Disney did a month long Annual Passholder Days event.

The emails we received about the event were really confusing on what was offered and what wasn’t and when and where things were happening. It was a little clearer once you arrived in the park.

We ended up going twice in that time frame.

Basically each week you got a button and a recipe card. In some of the special areas you got into there were coloring pages and special character greetings.


Besides the character greetings they had some cool backdrops up for pictures, Photo Pass photographers out and some special pin trading opportunities.

At one of locations, someone was stationed to talk about the Photo Pass capabilities (which we knew how to use and didn’t need).There was also a charging station for your phones.

A few locations had complimentary bottles of water and medium sized bags of popcorn, I think you could get these weekly also. They scanned your AP when you entered these areas, to check that you hadn’t been through already, I assume. I didn’t mind this but I felt like I had my ID scanned 3+ times each time I came into one of the AP areas and the line for scanning took longer that I imagined to be necessary.

Overall I was pretty unimpressed. I mean I enjoyed the free water and popcorn, the buttons are cool but what am I going to do with them?

I would have preferred one pin versus 4 buttons. What was nice is since we missed the first two weeks worth of buttons, they gave us those as well as the ones we were in attendance for.

Same with the recipe cards, though I have not tried any of the recipes yet.

Another feature they had was a special tour. I believe it was called A Walk in Walt’s Shoes? W thought he read or heard about it at some point but wasn’t sure. He mentioned it to me in passing once but I completely forgot about it. We received a survey after AP Days ended where the tour was mentioned. I was definitely disappointed with the email communication we got because a special tour would have been cool.

I don’t expect free stuff, that’s not why we purchased the AP. Disneyland does Magic Hour for resort guests, where almost every day they can access one of the parks an hour early.

Doing this for AP holders would have been awesome. The park has been super crowded and getting an hour in the mornings even once in awhile just for AP holders would be awesome. Or even letting the AP holders in during the resort Magic Hour would be great too.

I’d much rather have more quiet time in the park than free popcorn and some buttons!

I love my AP no matter what the AP Days is like. We get tons of discounts around the park and other perks, so it’s absolutely worth it anyways. But I definitely wouldn’t mind some quieter hours in the park!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!