October Wrap Up

Life has been so crazy but I just wanted to share a few things…

October was a whirlwind! I can’t even believe it’s over.

We had some wonderful things happen in October and not in any order.

I completed my first month as a consultant for Usborne Books & More. It’s truly been a wonderful experience. Not only am I making some really good money (I was so skeptical at first but I was oh so wrong) but I have met some amazing people and am working on stocking up L’s library for the future! ūüėÄ Plus the fact that I only “work” (is it work when it’s fun?) a couple hours a week AND I get to hang out with L all day long is pretty much amazing.

We also celebrated L’s first Halloween. He was adorable as The Boy Who Lived. If you don’t know this reference…go away. Just kidding, go ready Harry Potter and get educated.


We also¬†got to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday with him. L got to meet his great grandparents which was awesome for everyone involved plus see my parents, aunt and uncle!

It was truly a wonderful month, also including big milestones of sitting up without my help and rolling over everywhere like a champ.

November holds many great occasions for us as well. L will be six months (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?). We’ll travel to see W’s family and L will get to meet his aunt for the first time.

Plus L and I will be starting on some holiday crafts and holiday recipes.

Effective tomorrow, clean eating and training for my half marathon commences! Wish me luck and send me tips!

Happy November everyone!


Baby Shower and trip to California

So it’s about time I posted this!

A month ago I traveled back to California to have a baby shower with my family and friends that still live in the area.

In a word, it was — wonderful.

I got to see nearly all of the people I love and miss the most.


I was so honored that so many people came to join and celebrate and visit with me. Some I’m lucky enough to see once or twice a year and others¬†I haven’t seen in nearly four or five years so it was truly a great day.


My grandmother, who lives in Southern California, made the trip with my Aunt and cousin to fly north for just 24 hours to attend. I cannot express how truly blessed I felt to have them there.


Thank you to the wonderful people who took the time to throw this shower for me, as well as¬†to those who attended. I love you all so much! I’m excited for you all to meet the little guy someday!


These are just a few of the wonderful people who were there….I could have made an entire ‘I love all the people pictures post’ … but I’ll reign it in.

I also got to spend a little quality time with my awesome parents.

My dad cheated at Jenga….


And my mom and I got to watch him play hockey.


I also go my very favorite food (La Bou!) And got to see where the new Kings’ arena is being built. Can’t wait to see my boys play there some day! #herewestay


It was a very short trip but it was amazing. I cannot believe the next time I visit my hometown I’ll have a brand new tiny person with me!


Cheers to 2015, Goodbye 2014

I love when I can end a year and say wow….this was the best year ever! But that was definitely not 2014 for us.

As I’ve said in a few posts, we started out on a major high, only to have the year fall apart 9 days into it with a miscarriage.

That’s how our year started and, in many ways, it didn’t seem to get better.

I suffered from a really rough ovarian cyst in February that caused serious pain and a multitude of doctor appointments to make sure everything was going to be OK.

Followed up by months more of doctor appointments, difficult treatments and injections on our infertility journey.

Throw in three additional losses to our family, my 17 and a half year old childhood dog, Patches. Our 8 year old bunny. And Wesley’s kind and sweet grandmother.

Me and Patch playing



We have dealt with a lot. All of those lost this year held a special place in our heart, whether four legged, two legged or someone we never got to meet, each one was part of our family and were very loved.

In all of the negative, there were still some bright spots.

I made some new wonderful friends this year……

4thjuly cupcakes

……and spent some great¬†moments with older friends.

me marie and kerri meandm

mek starwars

colleen disneybrunch

I got to spend two weeks on the east coast with some of my favorite people.


I attended the wedding of my favorite sister in law.

loren and doug


We discovered we were pregnant again, and still going strong as of today at 20 weeks and 4 days along.

Wes and were able to make some great memories, with a trip to Kauai for our 4th anniversary, a trip to Disneyland for a mini baby moon and time spent in Los Angeles with my family for Thanksgiving.


cousins  family

All in all I will look back on this year remembering how all of these losses were hard, and so many moments made me want to cry in frustration and quit.

But with my caring and supportive husband and lots of love from our friends and family, I made it.

So when I sleepily sip Sparking Cider tonight, I am toasting each and everyone one of you that made this year bearable. Pictured here or not, you know who you are and you know how important you are!

There will never be enough words to say thank you, I appreciate you, and I love you.


And I can’t forget these two little loves…


So here’s to looking towards 2015 with many new adventures to come!

Love to you all and Happy New Year!

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

2012 was a busy year for us and I just wanted to highlight all the things that made it great for me.

We started off the year in Quantico, having been there for about three months we had settled in and were happy at home in our apartment. We had adopted a kitten (Athena) and she was adjusting beautifully to life with us.

In April I was promoted to a Sales Lead at Bath & Body Works and moved to a new store where I met some wonderful and inspiring women.


Wes graduated training in May, which was amazing because it was not easy on either one of us.

In June we took a trip to Florida where I got to go to visit Harry Potter world for a day as well as hit up DisneyWorld. Then we went on a week long Disney cruises to the Caribbean and had an absolute blast.


In July we had our second wedding anniversary and Wes began the toughest training of all.

Finally in September he graduated and headed off for more training…(story of our lives right there).

Then in October we made the move to Hawaii, with Trigger in tow.


We adopted our little pup, Roxy, in November.

Trigger, Roxy, Wes and I have been living in a hotel room in somewhat harmony since. (Athena will be here in February).


Along with these specifics, we both turned 25 this year.

We made life long friendships with some wonderful people: Kristen & Nelson, Nick & Ashely, Jake & Chaeli.


We were lucky enough to be stationed in Quantico where we got to reunite with Shanna & Cecil.


I am truly blessed to have gotten to spend so much time with each and everyone of them over the last year.

I also met some awesome Alpha Company wives and know that no matter where we are, there will be a kind face when we get there.

After over a year apart I got an incredible visit from Colleen, without whom, I would be lost.

Me,Colleen and Rob

Luckily I had the opportunity to go home over the summer and visit my friends and family who I missed from the moment we left California.

My parents were also able to visit me a few times this year, both in Quantico and in Hawaii.


But on the bright side we got to see a lot more of my awesome mother-in-law and sister-in-law, a major perk of us being on the East coast.










I have other great memories and friendships made in this but I think my post is long enough, you weren’t left out, you know I love you! 2012 had some wonderful memories with the best people I could hope for, thank you to you all for you love, friendship and support.

To 2013, I hope we are as lucky as we were last year.

While we face our toughest challenges yet to come, I know there are so many who are there for us that we will make it through.

Happy New Years everyone, and may you have the best year yet.

Love always,