Life as we know it

A lot has changed since I wrote my last post. For one thing, L is now 9 weeks old and totally amazing.

Next is that after my parents left, W’s mom came to visit, left and my mom came back. I definitely had some struggles and needed all the help we could get. So thank you moms for everything’s!

In addition to having a newborn and a c-section we’re in the middle of the moving process. We are leaving the beautiful island of Oahu and headed to California! I’m excited to be back in my home state, closer to my family and sadly still far (but closer still) to W’s family.

Our furniture has been packed and taken so we are living in a large empty house with a mattress on the floor, a small table with two metal chairs and two “easy chairs” if you can call them that.

We borrowed a coffee pot and a couple other items and bought some crappy stuff from Target to be able to sort of cook for ourselves while we repaint walls and wait for late August to come around. Then we should arrive around the same time our stuff does.

This also means not only do I never have free time (silly baby) but I also don’t really have a computer. So this post is coming from my iPad…I’ll be a little low tech in the picture department for awhile.

I’m hoping to sneak in a post during nap times so we’ll see if that works out, hope everyone is having a great week!


30 by 30 Update

I haven’t made a ton of progress on my 30 by 30 lately…but I’ve made a tiny bit of headway since my last update that I wanted to share.


My goal was to read 20 books this year. At my last update I had finished two. I have now completed five books total, so according to good reads I’m one book ahead of schedule!

Beyond that, I am nearly done with two more. Those two should be done within a week.

I am reading the third book in the Outlander series, Voyager.


And to the baby, I’m reading (also the third book!) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The baby and I read a chapter a night so I should be done with it this weekend!


So hopefully by the end of the week I will have 7/20 of my books for 2015 completed! After that I’ll be moving on the reading the fourth Harry Potter to the baby (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire — in case you didn’t know, in which case we probably shouldn’t be friends). Plus the next Outlander, Drums of Autumn.

I might sneak in another book in between. My friend, Miranda, has been talking my ear off non-stop about how amazing (and quick!) Ella Enchanted is, so I might read that too.

However one of the most important things I did this month to achieve some of my 30 by 30 goals was to visit a new Hawaiian island! On the 15th of March I headed out to Maui to spend a few hours (not kidding, hours) with my amazing friend Jess. Jess and I met in college made a major bond over boy-drama and became lifelong friends. We lived together for over three years, worked together, had classes at UNR together and spent downtime together. She is one of the very few people that I can spend that much time with and not get sick of.


She was kind enough to drive from Reno to Sacramento for my baby shower the week before (the first time we’d seen each other in two years!!) So when I heard she was going to be in Maui…we had to make that happen. Ironically my entire travel time to see her was about the same of just one leg of her drive to see me.

So I flew in to Maui (turbulence while 30 something weeks pregnant is interesting) and Jess picked me up from the airport. The flight is about 30-40 minutes. By the time you get up, you head back down…but the view coming in and out of Maui (and Oahu too!) is amazing.


We headed to a meet up with her friends (who were all there for the weekend for a wedding!).And hung out at the beach for a few hours and chatted.


Then we headed back to the airport, of course stopping at Krispy Kreme on the way. Oahu doesn’t have a Krispy Kreme. In fact the one on Maui is the only one on the Hawaiian Islands.

And that was my trip! I think it was literally six hours total, from leaving my house to driving back home. I was recovering from my trip back to California the prior week and a nasty head cold so I didn’t stay all day like I had originally thought I might. But to be honest it was a pretty cool deal anyways.

Maui seemed really awesome and I’d definitely love to go back if we have time. But with the impending little one and our move about five months away (we think) not sure we will get the chance.


So that gets my count up to three out of four Hawaiian Islands; just one left to go! Last year on our wedding anniversary Wes and I went to Kauai for the weekend. We’ve discussed going to the Big Island this year. The baby will be roughly six weeks at that point, so it’ll be nice to see what it’s like to travel (a very short distance) with a baby before we move this summer!

After visiting Maui just for the day….maybe we’ll get really ambitious and head to Molokai or Lanai just for a day. Since I didn’t book my flight until the day before, flights were a bit higher than they could have been — it was about $200 round-trip.

But if we plan out a couple weeks ahead we could do something super reasonable for just the day for the two of us! (Three of us?)

So while I got nothing crossed off the list, I made some headway! Hope you all have a great last day and a half of March!


30 by 30

So I’ve added a little something to my blog (and I absolutely stole this idea from a pretty cool blog I saw, check it out here!

So this will be my running list of 30 things I’d like to do by the time I turn 30. That’s just under 2.5 years away and I’m a few months shy of having a new born, so I felt like I had to be pretty realistic on things I could and could not accomplish. So join me on my little journey and let’s see if I can do them all! I created a new page on my blog where I’ll keep the running list, but here’s the very start!

1. Run a 1/2 marathon.

2. Be completely debt free.

3. Give up processed food for one full month.

4. Write a book.

5. Be a mom.

6. Learn to sew.

7. Grow my blog to 1,000 readers. (I currently have about 10).

8. Go on a cruise.

9. Host a holiday meal.

10. Visit 4 Hawaiian Islands.

11. Get a new stamp on my passport.

12. Learn to make macaroons.

13. Go to a Panthers vs Saints game.

14. Visit Boston, but more importantly Fenway.

15. Be published in a newspaper again.

16. Run 4 5ks.

17. Learn to throw a football.

19. Throw Wes a fantastic 30th birthday party.

20. Go camping.

21. Volunteer at the SPCA – and not take home all the puppies.

22. Teach Roxy to walk on a leash like a lady.

23. Visit Disney World.

24. Visit Disneyland.

25.Visit Harry Potter World.

26. Make an ice cream cake.

27. Successfully watch or read the Shining. Always wanted to, always chicken out.

28. Give back to the infertility community.

29. Go back to school.

30. Read 20 books a year.


Farmer’s Markets, hiking and amazing friends.

So this was one of my favorite weeks in Hawaii, and here’s why.

My friends are awesome.

Between St. Patrick’s Day parade and dinner, hiking, DIY projects, farmers markets and more…it’s been a great week!

For St. Patrick’s Day we headed down to Waikiki to watch the parade. Then we headed to Moose McGillycuddys for lunch and green beer.

Image  Image

Next we hiked to Kaiwi Shoreline trail. It was gorgeous. I’ve been to the Makapuu Lighthouse hike several times and this is just below it. For awhile it looks like you’re in a desert but once you get down to the water it’s really pretty!


It would have been a good hike to take Roxy on. It was fairly flat. It was definitely warm out, and we were there around 11 or so.

This week I also found my inner appreciation of farmer’s markets. And bonus, there are several of them in close proximity to where I live.

I love them for several reasons:

1) Inexpensive, quality produce.

2) Locally grown stuff.

3) Great place to do some people watching.

4) A chance to check out local businesses.

5) Free samples.

6) Yummy local cuisine.

7) Good place to hang out with friends.

So yeah, those are just some of the reasons while I really enjoy farmers markets. We went to one this week and last week and had some AMAZING food. Fried kale ‘sushi sliders.’ Except that I left the ahi off. Don’t they look delicious?


Bananas wrapped in okinawa sweet potatoes, fried with sugar on the outside.


Chocolate and ice creams that are made with island grown ingredients.Delicious local bread (white chocolate and blueberry).


Needless to say, I’m stuffed.

But I love that there are so many local places here that get all of their ingredients from the Hawaiian Islands. It makes it so much fresher, since everything else has to be shipped here.

Basically, my friends (pictured here and not) are awesome, and I can’t wait for some more adventures! Between board games, movies and discussions on all things femalogical and loserest and everything in between.

So answer me this in a comment below….What are some of your favorite places to check out with your friends?

And just for kicks….


And this girl:


Hello 2013!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

2012 was a busy year for us and I just wanted to highlight all the things that made it great for me.

We started off the year in Quantico, having been there for about three months we had settled in and were happy at home in our apartment. We had adopted a kitten (Athena) and she was adjusting beautifully to life with us.

In April I was promoted to a Sales Lead at Bath & Body Works and moved to a new store where I met some wonderful and inspiring women.


Wes graduated training in May, which was amazing because it was not easy on either one of us.

In June we took a trip to Florida where I got to go to visit Harry Potter world for a day as well as hit up DisneyWorld. Then we went on a week long Disney cruises to the Caribbean and had an absolute blast.


In July we had our second wedding anniversary and Wes began the toughest training of all.

Finally in September he graduated and headed off for more training…(story of our lives right there).

Then in October we made the move to Hawaii, with Trigger in tow.


We adopted our little pup, Roxy, in November.

Trigger, Roxy, Wes and I have been living in a hotel room in somewhat harmony since. (Athena will be here in February).


Along with these specifics, we both turned 25 this year.

We made life long friendships with some wonderful people: Kristen & Nelson, Nick & Ashely, Jake & Chaeli.


We were lucky enough to be stationed in Quantico where we got to reunite with Shanna & Cecil.


I am truly blessed to have gotten to spend so much time with each and everyone of them over the last year.

I also met some awesome Alpha Company wives and know that no matter where we are, there will be a kind face when we get there.

After over a year apart I got an incredible visit from Colleen, without whom, I would be lost.

Me,Colleen and Rob

Luckily I had the opportunity to go home over the summer and visit my friends and family who I missed from the moment we left California.

My parents were also able to visit me a few times this year, both in Quantico and in Hawaii.


But on the bright side we got to see a lot more of my awesome mother-in-law and sister-in-law, a major perk of us being on the East coast.










I have other great memories and friendships made in this but I think my post is long enough, you weren’t left out, you know I love you! 2012 had some wonderful memories with the best people I could hope for, thank you to you all for you love, friendship and support.

To 2013, I hope we are as lucky as we were last year.

While we face our toughest challenges yet to come, I know there are so many who are there for us that we will make it through.

Happy New Years everyone, and may you have the best year yet.

Love always,