The Reindeer Joke Fail

I just wanted to post this, because it’s just a measure of how ridiculous Wes and I are, and why we are meant to be weird together.

So Roxy woke me up at 6:30 and I took her outside. When we came back in she wanted up on the bed, Wes was asleep and I was still tired, so I grabbed her and brought her up with us. She wiggled around for awhile but finally settled down and snuggled up by our feet at the end of the bed.

We wake up about two hours later, Roxy came to lick our faces and then settles down again. This is where the strangeness comes in…

Wes: “Yes.

Me: What?

Wes: The reindeer joke.

Me: The what?

Wes: Tell me.

Me: Tell you what?

Wes: Tell me the reindeer joke.

Me: I don’t know the reindeer joke, you must, so you tell me the reindeer joke.

Wes: Huh? Oh, maybe later…

(goes back to sleep)

*two minutes later

Wes: (to Roxy) go snuggle with mommy

Me: Why don’t you tell me the reindeer joke now that you’re awake…

Wes: Oh, well maybe when I remember it, then I will.

(and goes back to sleep again)

Not 10 minutes later does he actually wake up….

Me: Ok, now will you tell me this damn joke?

Wes: What joke?

Me: The reindeer joke.

Wes: What reindeer joke.

Me: Are you kidding me right now? Do you have zero recollection of this?

Wes: Ummm…of what?

*head, desk*

About 15 minutes later….

Me: (trying to get on my laptop) OMG, did you download Diablo on my laptop?!?!?!?

Wes: (sheepish) Nooo…….

Me: (tackle) ahhhh! You owe me a damn joke now!

Wes: Well clearly you’re the one who knows the joke, which is why I was asking you to tell it to me.

Me: You downloaded Diablo on my laptop!

Wes: I did that months ago when I downloaded Warcraft for you. You didn’t mind when I downloaded that and Starcraft.

Me: You downloaded Starcraft too? Are you kidding me right now?

Wes: Oh….um no, I didn’t download Starcraft too….

Me: Well you know what your job is today, you owe me an awesome reindeer joke.

Wes: (grabs iPhone and begins to google….


I feel like today is going to be a very long day.