My mother just nearly gave me a heart attack….

She called me. And mind you I’m three hours ahead of her, so it’s just after 10 p.m. my time.

Mom: (enthusiastically) Are you watching your boys???

Me: (confused) ummm….no?

Mom: Why not?!?!?!

Me: Are they even playing?

Mom: Yes! They’re playing the Lions…it’s almost over…..

Now I’m bewildered because I assume she’s talking about the Kings – now I’m really lost…..

Me: The Saints?

Mom: Yes, the Saints, and there’s only six minutes left.

Me: No! They don’t play until Saturday….I know this because I’m going to miss most of the game because I have to work and I’m pissed.

Mom: No seriously, they’re playing now…..

Me: Are you sure it’s not a replay? What channel are you watching? Is the score roughly 31-17? Because I think this has already happened.

Mom: The NFL channel. No, it’s on right now, you’re missing it.

So my darling husband hears my panic that I just might possibly be wrong and actually did miss the game so he turns it on to see that yes, it is on, but it also says it aired 12/4/11. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

Then she continues with her madness….

Mom: So did you see who the Kings hired as their new coach?

Me: Not yet, who?

Mom: Phil Jackson.

Me: (horrified, terrible silence) Uhhhh you’re joking right?

Mom: No, they announced it today.

Me: No. You can’t be serious.

Mom: Hahaha. No, you’re right. They said Coach Smart is going to take over head coaching duties.

Me: That was just mean.

Mom: (still laughing) Yeah, your dad just said that was pretty mean of me too.

Sigh. Thanks for the near heart attack mom. Love you too.

Kings fire coach Westphal

I’m stealing this from what the Grant Napear Show just posted on Facebook



SACRAMENTO, CA —- The Sacramento Kings today relieved Paul Westphal of his head coaching duties, according to President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie. Current Kings’ assistant coach Keith Smart will serve as head coach in tonight’s game versus the Milwaukee Bucks.

“I want to thank Paul for all of his effort on behalf of the Kings,” said Petrie. “Unfortunately, the overall performance level of the team has not approached what we felt was reasonable to expect. I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

In two-plus seasons as head coach of the Kings, Westphal amassed a record of 51-120.

“I would like to thank the Maloof family for the incredible opportunity they gave me to participate in the attempt to bring the Sacramento Kings back to prominence,” said Westphal. “While the job is far from finished, I am proud of the strides we were able to make.

“Geoff Petrie and his staff have been nothing but honest and supportive throughout my time here. They are first class in every way and I wish them nothing but success. My hope is to see the fans of the Kings and the city of Sacramento rewarded with many years of great basketball.

“Finally, I want to thank my loyal staff and players for their efforts in attempting to climb out of the hole we shared. Nothing comes easy in the NBA and I know they will not rest in their efforts to rebuild this team.”