Kindness goes a long way

“Have courage and be kind.” – Cinderella (2015)

That is one of my favorite quotes and it comes from the live action remake of Cinderella.

This is a time of year when kindness, love and friendship should be cherished and abundant. Not to focus on gifts, money, the stress of travel, over commitments, frustration and impatience.

Life hasn’t been easy lately, adjusting to a third human in our home and figuring out this three kids under the age of four thing.

I still feel like the new girl, in our new home, at a new base.

Everything seems new. And hard.

Really hard.

I won’t lie, these three boys are more than I could have ever hoped for, but it is definitely a struggle. Lots of tantrums, nursing sessions, tears, toy throwing, refusing to eat, all the ins and outs of young children, plus stubborn teething toddlers and newborns. Each day, while a blessing, can feel like an uphill battle.

While I haven’t quite found my tribe, my people, my community here yet – I had two moments in the last couple weeks that reminded me how a simple act of kindness can change someone’s day.

I’d braved a trip to the commissary with all 3 kids in tow. My bigger two were in the cart (bless this commissary for having the shopping carts with the car/wheels for two kids attached to it – not sure how I’d survive otherwise!). But they were fighting. And had Go Go Gadget arms and were grabbing everything.

And the littlest was securely and snuggly cuddled up in my Boba wrap.

As we were getting to the checkout, fighting continued between the older two and I had to do some stern mothering. Which the resulted in toddler tears which woke the baby who proceeded to scream bloody murder through the last aisle, all the way to the check out.

He was loud.

I was totally embarrassed. I know kids cry, but we looked lot the chaos train rolling into the station.

The cashier in my lane, her bagger and the cashier in the next lane over who didn’t have a customer all came over, unloaded my cart and got me out of there quick as can be. The bagger chatted and played with the bigger boys while bagging the groceries, while I did an insane mommy dance and butt pat to try and get the little one to settle down long enough to get out of there.

They didn’t have to do it, they didn’t even ask if I needed help. The saw a mom with 3 kids acting like lunatics and did what they could to make my life just a bit easier. It wasn’t a big thing but I sure was grateful.

Today, we ventured to the exchange. Toddler running out of diapers, I needed out of the house, husband needed a few items and I DESPERATELY needed some coffee. I’d bribed the older two with a cake pop and with one on each hand on and one strapped to my chest we got my coffee, two cake pops and headed to get a cart.

But I made a mistake. And long story short my Peppermint Mocha ended up all over the floor of the exchange.

Beyond completely embarrassed, again, looking at the one little vice that was going to help me power through the rest of the day all over the floor had me nearly ready to boo hoo (I’d been up for 10 hours already and it was about 4 hours until bedtime…)

There had been several Australian service members inside the Bux when I’d gone in and out and had a great view of this minor catastrophe from the window. The next thing I know one of them came out with stack of napkins and very kindly said something along the lines of, he has 1 kiddo at home, I’m doing great being out with my 3 and he’d clean it up not to worry. He asked what I was drinking and next thing I know I have a new Peppermint Mocha in my hand.

He stopped to say hello to my boys, ask them their names and briefly tell me about his little kiddo he had at home and to wish us a good day.

My oldest, who had been asking a million questions on repeat about why my coffee was on the floor, stopped and said. Why did he bring you a coffee mama?

To be kind, sweetie. Just to be kind to another person.

In this season of life, and the time of year, everyone could use just a little bit more kindness.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours. Spread a little love, joy and kindness.


Moving – baby edition

This is how we’re surviving in an empty house with a newborn.

We are in the process of moving to California (yay PCSing).

So if you are keeping score, c-section, newborn and moving nearly all at once! Yikes.

The movers picked up our furniture early so it will meet us in California. Meaning we had to sort what we needed to keep for us, the pets and L who wasn’t quite yet 2 months yet. He will be just over 3 months when we fly back to the mainland.

We are allowed 2 suitcases each but I managed to fit most of L’s things in a carry on sized suitcase with a few exceptions.

Here’s what fits in his bag:

  • 3 swaddles
  • About 5 newborn outfits (he was wearing that size when I packed)
  • 5 0-3 month outfits
  • 2 3 month outfits
  • 2 outfits in different sizes for the plane
  • 4 swaddle blankets
  • About 8 receiving blankets (he spits up a lot and I’m not doing laundry everyday).
  • Rattle
  • A couple other toys
  • Wash cloths, 2 towels and travel size baby wash
  • Baby first aid/grooming kit
  • Baby monitor
  • two books so we could read to him


We also kept all our cloth diapers, cloth wipes, changing mats and wet bags. We have enough where we can wash diapers every 3 days. I still have room in his suitcase to fit some of this.

Other items we kept that don’t fit in his suitcase.

  • Pack N Play
  • Stroller
  • Car seat and base
  • Diaper bag
  • Beco
  • Pump, a couple bottles, storage bags and brush
  • Boppy

I know it seems like a lot but we have used all of it. We also borrowed a swing from a friend.

We found a used rocking chair on base we bought soil handsome place to sit for late night nursing sessions.

The one thing we have missed the most is the diaper change station part of the Pack N Play  and the caddy that attaches to the side. Instead we have a mat and our supplies on the floor.

I also miss having a baby bath tub. Our sinks are not conducive to bathing him in one of them without an additional vessel.

So right or wrong, that’s how we’re surviving with a newborn in an empty house!


Homecoming Take 2!

So the hubby returned from his second deployment about two weeks ago. Yay!!

I was pretty exhausted this time around with being 39 weeks pregnant so I didn’t make it a huge deal like I would have liked to but I tried to do a little bit!

I got a bunch of his favorite snacks, his milk, cereal, etc. so he would have all his creature comforts.

He left for training a week before I found out we were pregnant. He was gone for about 8 weeks and returned home for weeks 11 to 17. We found out the gender two days before he deployed.

When he left I was still skinny, trying to pretend that some bloat was really a baby bump, even though I didn’t “pop” for another six weeks or so.

So in honor of his return, and the whole him missing a lot of things, that inspired these. I made two signs, one to go in front of the house and the other to take with me to the airport. My mom posed as the photographer for this go-round. I also found a pretty cute maternity dress that I thought showed off the bump, since he had never seen it in person!

In front of the house I posted this:  IMG_1436

Kind of hard to read but says: You’re getting’ 1 hyper dog, 1 needy cat, 1 Mama ready to pop, 1 baby ready to be born. Welcome home! (Home is actually a sad drawing of our house.)

I know it’s not beautiful but I tried to paint this on the back of our truck bed…with a huge basketball like belly in my way, so it is what it is!

Pinterest sort of failed me with signs and quotes, I had a hard time finding ones that were specific to my situation. There were a lot of come meet your baby signs, but the baby was still four days away so that wouldn’t work!

Here’s the other sign I made, and this came to the airport with me.


More posts to come later but I thought I’d share my fun signs! I seriously don’t have an artistic bone in my body so this is pretty much as good as it gets for me!

Have a good weekend!