Favorite Baby Products: The Swaddle

During pregnancy I did a ton a of research on baby products ranging from strollers to diapers. I went off recommendations from friends and from my hours worth of online research. Now I want to share some of my favorite things that we have used so far.

One of the biggest life savers has been the Easy Swaddle¬†from Aden + Anais. This thing is idiot proof. I am horrible at swaddling. I couldn’t get the hang of it in baby classes on plastic dolls and I really can’t do it on a wiggly and very tired and angry small child.

So this swaddle is amazing. My sister in law sent us a gift set from Aden and Anais and so W and I thought we’d try it (we love their Muslin swaddle blankets already so let’s test the swaddle).

(Please ignore the very unhappy look on my unwilling participant in the step by step below).

To use the swaddle, you first get their little feet and legs into the bottom part.

Easy Swaddle step 1

This swaddle uses snaps, so you snap over each shoulder.

Easy Swaddle Step 2

Then you tuck down the right arm and fold the flap on your left over it. You pull it across their body and tuck down their left arm.

Easy Swaddle Step 3

Then you take the long flap and wrap it over the left arm, right arm, around the back and snap it in front.

Easy Swaddle Step 4 Final Product

This keeps both arms complete tucked in. He has wiggled out of it a couple times but I believe that was user error in me not getting it tight enough.

The only downside is that there is no way to see if his diaper is wet or dirty, you have to completely unswaddle. I noticed the SummerInfant ones have a slit so you can check the diaper but he ninja’d his way out of that swaddle immediately.

The material is very light weight and gauzy so it’s not too hot but definitely keeps them warm and snuggly.

Just wanted to share this awesome find, I would recommend it to anyone!

(My husband gives this product 10 spit ups out of 10 spit ups!).