They don’t say how hard it will be.

The days are long, but the years are short.

How often do new moms, or mom of young kids hear that?

What you don’t hear is sometimes just how hard it is.

Today was a hard day. And the mom guilt is real. Today is a day I wished away. I counted down the minutes until bedtime because today was just too much. Too hard.

My oldest, just over 3.5 is in that questions about everything phase. The why phase. And each question is asked about 10 times. I love that he learns through repetition and examples but I can only answer the same thing so many times.

My 2 year old is sweet, and into everything. Mischievous. And in that stage where a simple no, you may not have 17 snacks you need to eat dinner, equals a meltdown.

Then my sweet little newborn. He needs me for everything. And he has two older brothers who need me too. I can’t spend an hour to get him settled down for each nap, or let him nap in my arms all day everyday. They need me too. He’s constantly needing something. He needs to eat. He needs to sleep. He didn’t get enough sleep so he’s overtired and screaming. He seems to have a dairy intolerance. He is just hard right now. This stage is hard.

It seems like each one, in their own way, needs me, and all of me. And yet I’m only to give just under 1/3 of myself to them.

I spend most of my day saying, wait, I can’t hold you now, I’m holding your brother.

Your brother is crying now, you’ll have to wait.

I’m sorry, I can’t do that while I do this.

All day. Everyday.

I know today was just one day and tomorrow is a new day. A new chance for me to be more for them. The confusion and guilt between wishing time would freeze, and fast-forward a few years is immense.


Favorite Baby Products: The Swaddle

During pregnancy I did a ton a of research on baby products ranging from strollers to diapers. I went off recommendations from friends and from my hours worth of online research. Now I want to share some of my favorite things that we have used so far.

One of the biggest life savers has been the Easy Swaddle from Aden + Anais. This thing is idiot proof. I am horrible at swaddling. I couldn’t get the hang of it in baby classes on plastic dolls and I really can’t do it on a wiggly and very tired and angry small child.

So this swaddle is amazing. My sister in law sent us a gift set from Aden and Anais and so W and I thought we’d try it (we love their Muslin swaddle blankets already so let’s test the swaddle).

(Please ignore the very unhappy look on my unwilling participant in the step by step below).

To use the swaddle, you first get their little feet and legs into the bottom part.

Easy Swaddle step 1

This swaddle uses snaps, so you snap over each shoulder.

Easy Swaddle Step 2

Then you tuck down the right arm and fold the flap on your left over it. You pull it across their body and tuck down their left arm.

Easy Swaddle Step 3

Then you take the long flap and wrap it over the left arm, right arm, around the back and snap it in front.

Easy Swaddle Step 4 Final Product

This keeps both arms complete tucked in. He has wiggled out of it a couple times but I believe that was user error in me not getting it tight enough.

The only downside is that there is no way to see if his diaper is wet or dirty, you have to completely unswaddle. I noticed the SummerInfant ones have a slit so you can check the diaper but he ninja’d his way out of that swaddle immediately.

The material is very light weight and gauzy so it’s not too hot but definitely keeps them warm and snuggly.

Just wanted to share this awesome find, I would recommend it to anyone!

(My husband gives this product 10 spit ups out of 10 spit ups!).


Enough with the negativity already!

You don't have to be negative when there are so many more positives out there. Choose how you think!

Pregnancy is an interesting beast all on it’s own. I have learned quite a few things over the last few months about the human body, babies and so much more.

The biggest take away I have so far is further insight into human nature…so I must say this:

Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, stop making pregnancy and newborns and babies sound like they are the worst thing ever. Seriously. This needs to stop.

This is a typical conversation I have:

Person: How are you?

Me: Great!

Person? How are you feeling?

Me: Good, a little tired. OR Good, my back hurts a little. OR huge, even though I know I’m not.

Person: Well – you just wait…it’s only going to get so much worse.

I don’t even know how to respond to this. And people say these things like pregnancy is such a horrible thing. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had this conversation. At no point in this conversation am I complaining. You asked how I was and I answered. What would you like me to say? Awful? Miserable? Amazing? I don’t know what response you are hoping to elicit from me but honestly, stop asking if you need to throw in jabs and opinions.

I wake up some days and my back really hurts. But honestly? It puts a smile on my face. My husband and I spent years, yes years, hoping that one day this would happen.

Don’t you get it? This is exactly what we wanted. We would have given anything to have gotten to this point with our first pregnancy but unfortunately we were denied that. We have experienced loss already. This is what we hoped for. Every ache, every pain. Every kick even if it’s to the bladder.

I go to bed achy and I wake up achy and I thank my lucky stars every. single. time. This is a blessing to us.

This is a weird and sometimes gross experience. But it is amazing and beautiful and wonderful. Yes I cried when I found my first stretch mark. Yes I cried when my scale went up (okay I always cry when my scale goes up).

These are harsh realities to accept. But I’m still happy about it, no matter how many pounds I gain or how many tears are shed over it. I cry over puppies also, it’s not that big of a deal. I would not trade a single moment of it away.

baby quote

But I just can’t believe how down on pregnancy everyone is!

Sleep is another one of these things that is always a point of contention. I still sleep really well and people are shocked by that.  Everyone tells me, just wait — that will go away. Or you won’t ever sleep once the baby gets here. Or enjoy it while it lasts.

Seriously everyone makes it sound so awful. Newsflash, I’m not an idiot. I realize babies wake up and cry in the middle of the night, or they need to eat every two hours. Things will change but that is part of this entire experience.

I know there is someone out there reading this thinking…well those opinions don’t go away when the baby gets here! People will be telling you from here on out what to do, how to do it or that you’re doing it wrong.

Well…STOP! Opinions will be asked for when they are wanted. This is not a free for all. Simply because I am pregnant, just because someone is a new parent, or has a child at all, doesn’t mean they need free lecturing, unsolicited advice and someone constantly telling them how it is or how it should be!

Please, enough with the negativity! Society as a whole should recognize pregnancy is a wonderful thing and there are so many amazing positives. Can these be focused on? There are enough terrible things in this world, not every conversation needs to be negative.

Happy Monday, hope you all have a great week! Take some time today to think about all the positives around you. Share something positive about your day in the comments below!