Conversations with my mini-me Pt 1

(After almost no sleep….up playing for about 30 minutes and roughly around 5am this morning)

Me: Go to sleep!

L: *giggles*

Me: Did you just laugh? Go to sleep!

L: *giggles*

Me: No…sleep!

L: *giggles*

Me: Wha…? Why are you laughing at me?!

L: *small giggle*

Me: Go to sleep!

L: *big giggle*

Me: Whimper….go. to. sleep.

L: *huge belly laugh*

Me: Are you kidding me right now?

L: *giant smile with huge laugh*

Me: Whimper

This went on for another three minutes until I decided I could no longer handle being mocked by 5.5 month old.

Wish me luck today – and cross your fingers we both nap!

Happy Friday loves.