Was releasing Westphal a Smart decision?

Yesterday the Sacramento Kings relieved coach Paul Westphal after the squad began the season 2-5 and after two previously dismal seasons at 24-58 and 25-57 in 2009-2010.

Westphal promised change and it was not delivered soon enough for the Maloofs and Geoff Petrie.

Later in the day they announced that Keith Smart will take over head coaching duties.

Smart led the Golden State Warriors to a 36-46 record last season. He became head coach of the Warriors after seven seasons as an assistant coach. He also spent some time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, before LeBron James.

Clearly the Kings needed a change.

With the battle for a new arena, the Kings need to have a winning season.

The fans rallied together last year to keep the team for another season but it’s going to take a whole lot more than will, Kevin Johnson and Chris Webber to get things moving.

The team needs to show up and play. The Maloofs need to get to games and at least act like they want to try and stay in Sacramento.

As much as Westphal was invested in the Kings and in the Sacramento community, it’s more important for there to be life in this team now and I believe the Maloofs and Petrie made the right decision.

The Kings managed to pull through and snag a win last night against the Bucks to sit a 3-5. They are third in the Pacific right now. If playoffs were to start today they are tied with Dallas for ninth place.

I wish the Kings the best of luck this season. I wish the Sacramento community luck as well. To all of your true Kings fans, pull together, and stand behind your team! That’s the only way you’ll be able to cheer for the Sacramento Kings next year. Without you, the Sacramento Kings will most likely be no more.

My mother just nearly gave me a heart attack….

She called me. And mind you I’m three hours ahead of her, so it’s just after 10 p.m. my time.

Mom: (enthusiastically) Are you watching your boys???

Me: (confused) ummm….no?

Mom: Why not?!?!?!

Me: Are they even playing?

Mom: Yes! They’re playing the Lions…it’s almost over…..

Now I’m bewildered because I assume she’s talking about the Kings – now I’m really lost…..

Me: The Saints?

Mom: Yes, the Saints, and there’s only six minutes left.

Me: No! They don’t play until Saturday….I know this because I’m going to miss most of the game because I have to work and I’m pissed.

Mom: No seriously, they’re playing now…..

Me: Are you sure it’s not a replay? What channel are you watching? Is the score roughly 31-17? Because I think this has already happened.

Mom: The NFL channel. No, it’s on right now, you’re missing it.

So my darling husband hears my panic that I just might possibly be wrong and actually did miss the game so he turns it on to see that yes, it is on, but it also says it aired 12/4/11. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

Then she continues with her madness….

Mom: So did you see who the Kings hired as their new coach?

Me: Not yet, who?

Mom: Phil Jackson.

Me: (horrified, terrible silence) Uhhhh you’re joking right?

Mom: No, they announced it today.

Me: No. You can’t be serious.

Mom: Hahaha. No, you’re right. They said Coach Smart is going to take over head coaching duties.

Me: That was just mean.

Mom: (still laughing) Yeah, your dad just said that was pretty mean of me too.

Sigh. Thanks for the near heart attack mom. Love you too.