Big Game Commercial Bingo

Print these sheets off to play Commercial Bingo during the big game with your friends, family, kids, whoever!

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The path we take has so many significant turns…

This evening, I finally got to watch The 99ers on Nine for IX.

I started crying during the opening scenes before credits.

There are so many things I remember for the ’99 World Cup. I was 11 and I distinctly remember watching this game.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I was one of those little kids with a Mia Hamm jersey screaming USA at the top of my lungs.

The Nine for IX documentary was great. It was amazing to get to see a new perspective and fully understand that those athletes really didn’t know the phenomenon that they were creating. They were out there to play the game of their lives and in turn changed the game for the rest of our lives.

I always thought that it was in high school when I decided that my love of sports and my love of writing should be combined. That my love for the Kings and my passion for a united team that could evoke so much emotion started then.

Watching The 99ers reminded me of where it all began. Thank you ESPN for that reminder.

Sometimes you forget your roots. You forget where you really came from. You adapt and you change. But sometimes losing those little things are the ones you need to hold on the most. The 99 World Cup changed me forever, just like it changed soccer forever.

I needed that reminder today. Part of me will always be 11 and will always know that with enough grit and determination you can still be anything you want to be, when everyone tells you no.